What SATS Students Do

What is a SATS student?

Unlike full time university students who have to be in class, SATS students largely work on their own and may easily be distracted by their daily commitments and the needs of their friends and loved ones. An understanding of what they are committed to will give you better insight into what they are going through and how you can support them, both in their daily routines and when they are stressed due to difficult assignments, exam preparation and the frustrations of having to work long hours on their own.

The student in your life may be fortunate enough to study full time at home. More often, however, they will have a full time job and have to fit their studies into their normal day-to-day lives. It may be difficult to study while the rest of the family is watching their favourite TV show or when their friends go out for an evening of fun or simply when their spouse or children need their company.

As a friend or family of your student you always need to keep in mind tht they have important reasons for studying:

  • They could believe they have been called to ministry
  • They may want to pursue an academic career
  • They could already be pastoring a church and realise they need to strengthen their foundation
  • They may wish to continue their personal development
  • They may want a better understanding of God and of Scripture

What your student does

If the student in your life has access to the internet they may have opted for e-learning; in which case they are able to communicate with other students and with their tutors. They will become part of a small online, perhaps international, learning community where they are involved in group projects as well as individual tasks.

If they do not have access to the internet, they will have to work on their own; making use of the coursework books and readers that SATS supplies to them. This requires greater commitment as they don’t have the extra motivation provided by interaction with other students.

Our course materials are of a high academic standard and are continually reviewed and updated. This means that although SATS students do not study at fixed times, or go to lectures, their courses are in no way inferior to fulltime lectures at a university and require just as much study and dedication.

Remember that, although SATS study is flexible, the assignments and assessments are not. Assignment have deadlines as do examinations.

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