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Paul’s Theology on Men and Women


Keynote Speaker

Prof Cynthia Long Westfall (McMaster Divinity College)

Plenary Speakers

Prof Elna Mouton (University of Stellenbosch)
Dr Vuyani Sindo (George Whitefield College)


A Webinar presented by the South African Theological Seminary

Our objective, through this webinar, is to examine the apostle’s theology on men and women; who they are, how they relate, and how they function in the broader mission of God, as prescribed by the Bible. Cognizant of the dissonant and competing perspectives on Paul and his theology on men and women, we aim to contribute to the dialogue from a broadly traditional evangelical standpoint. Launching from the Global South, our goal is to serve the church and practitioners in our context with academic reflections from a cross-section of researchers well-versed in different aspects of Paul.

Based on biblical passages such as Gen 1:26-28, Matt 5:27-30, and Eph 5:31-32, this webinar is framed in the understanding that human beings are created equal in dignity and worth, yet distinct as male and female before God. Participants are therefore invited to contribute to the topic from this overarching standpoint.

Papers were invited that examine:

  • Contextual and exegetical insights on the roles of men and women in the Early Church
  • Paul and the Haustafeln: Social descriptions of households in Paul’s first-century world
  • Pauline theology and the African home: Exploring culture(s), family, and faith in the Global South
  • Pauline perspectives on marriage and singleness in the Global South
  • Paul’s vision of biblical diversity and its intersection with interracial marriages
  • Domestic and sexual abuse: A Pauline response to moral and social dislocation in the African church
  • Paul’s theology on men and women in the face of poverty and community development in Africa
  • Pauline perspectives on men and women and the future of theological education in the Global South.

Papers presented will be considered for publication in a special edition of Conspectus, the journal of the South African Theological Seminary.

Contact Persons

Please direct any questions to Mr Batanayi Manyika (bat@sats.edu.za) and Dr Cornelia van Deventer (cornelia@sats.edu.za)

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