Pre-tertiary Course: Crossroads


A Pre-tertiary Theology Course (Church Based)


Church Discipleship And Leadership Programme

The way to live and lead

CROSSROADS is a pre-tertiary programme and resource tool to help local churches run an in-house discipleship and leadership training programme.

CROSSROADS provides the church with the material it needs to set up and run either Crossroads 1 (Discipleship) or Crossroads 2 (Leadership), or both. The material comprises ready-to-use PowerPoint lessons, comprehensive notes, student handouts, marketing materials, administration forms for enrolment, record-keeping and much more. It is available in English and Afrikaans.

We provide the church with the material it needs to set up and run a quality training programme. The church enrols students and purchases a student resource for each student enrolled. Each student receives a CD with full-text course notes and lesson summaries which require completion by the student. The church teaches the programme and SATS issues a certificate of completion for each student. The group meets weekly for about two hours, for 30 weeks each year. However, churches can choose to meet more or less frequently and so complete the material as it suits them.

The mission of the SA Theological Seminary (SATS) is to provide Biblical, Christ-centred education and training to Christians within their local church environment, to equip them to be Holy Spirit empowered members of God’s household. SATS works with the local church to facilitate church-based training.

CROSSROADS consists of two tracks:

Each track is designed to run for two hours, one night each week, for one year. Track 1 is geared towards all believers, laying a firm foundation for living the Christian life. Track 2 is designed to train leaders to serve in the church.


  • Growing in God
  • Grounded in God
  • Reflecting Jesus
  • Jesus: His life and legacy
  • Spiritual gifts: use and abuse
  • Trusting your Guide
  • One God, three Persons
  • The mission of God 1
  • Your role in God’s plan


  • The way of love
  • The mission of God 2
  • From sinner to saint
  • Leading God’s way
  • Mining God’s treasures
  • Overcoming the enemy
  • Defending your faith
  • Ideas & their consequences


CROSSROADS Is a product of the South African Theological Seminary (SATS). All course materials are copyrighted.


The church needs to purchase one leader’s resource. The church sets the price for its own students, but must pay SATS the current price to register a student and purchase the student resource:

Students who complete the Crossroads Programme will receive 24 credits per track on enrolment into the B.Th. or HCCL Programme. The cost will be R2800, which includes enrolment fees.
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Every CROSSROADS student receives a student resource containing comprehensive course materials. The church receives a leader’s resource pack which includes in addition, all the tools needed to run the programme.


CROSSROADS is not an accredited, tertiary programme. Students who successfully complete a track of Crossroads receive a certificate of completion. Those who wish to study further will receive 48 credits towards a SATS qualification.

Over the past six years, thousands of believers have been trained by Crossroads. We receive a steady stream of testimonies about its life-changing impact on men and women, including mature Christians who have walked with Christ for many years. Now you can take Crossroads online, enjoying all the benefits that go with studying in the convenience of your own home, but still experiencing the power of the truth to change your life for the better.

Crossroads 1 consists of 9 courses. You will take three courses per term, with terms starting 1 Feb., 1 May, and 1 Aug. The cut-off date to enrol for a term is two weeks after the start date. The programme requires about 3-4 hours of study per week. If you complete Crossroads 1, you qualify for 24 credits into the B.Th. at SATS. To enrol for Crossroads 1 online, please contact Jill: (

Please note:

The online Crossroads is different to the church-based Crossroads we have long offered.

We have no intention of discontinuing the church-based offering.

Church Based

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Leader’s Pack


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Kindly note all fees paid to SATS are non-refundable