Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling


120 Credits on NQF level 5

Enrolment Requirements

To register for any Certificate programme, prospective students require one of the following:

  1. National Senior Certificate as certified by Umalusi. Applicants with different qualifications may only be admitted if they are judged equivalent by the designated equivalence-setting bodies.
    NB: Students who do not have a National Senior Certificate may still apply, provided that they have appropriate academic and ministerial experience.
    Please contact study@sats.edu.za
  2. A tertiary qualification at an accredited institution registered by the Department of Education.
  3. A tertiary qualification at a foreign institution accredited by a recognised accrediting body or by the institution’s national government.

Certified/notarized proof of one of the above requirements should accompany the application form, together with a certified/notarized copy of the student’s Identification Document or valid Passport.

All those who meet these criteria and whose English is of a sufficient standard, are accepted into the programme.

Note: Students enrolling for this programme will need to complete the compulsory course for all SATS students: THE1120 Introduction to Theology.

The Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling will not only enrich you as a person, but will contribute to your own personal and spiritual growth as a Christian. It will equip you for the ministry of counselling in the church as a pastoral or lay counsellor. The courses in this higher certificate programme will help you discover realities about your own life, about your family of origin, and about your present relationships. It will also give you the tools to have a more Spirit-controlled and committed life, and those involved in ministry and caring will be equipped to serve well and to minister more effectively.

Christians are not exempt from problems and our churches have many people who need counselling. Unfortunately, our pastors are so overloaded with work that they often cannot cover all those who need help. Well-trained lay counsellors are needed and this programme is designed to equip those who feel called into this ministry. Written by Dr Mervin van der Spuy, former head of the Association of Christian Counsellors in SA, this programme is extremely comprehensive. It contains all the theoretical and practical knowledge you will need as a lay counsellor. The training is done from an integrated theology/psychology perspective and equips on a para-professional care giving level. Like all our programmes it is Christ-centred and Biblically based.

The Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling consists of a Core curriculum of six courses (72 credits) and four electives (48 credits) chosen from the available courses. Three core courses and some of the electives are second year courses (level 6).
The Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling counts for a full 60 credits towards a B.Th. degree.

NB: This course is not designed to equip those who wish to open a professional counselling practice.

Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling: Curriculum
For a description of each course, please go to the Undergraduate Course Details

All Six Core Courses (72 Credits) must be completed:

  • CCC1120 The Biblical Basis of Christian Counselling
  • CCC1121 Human Development and Christian Counselling
  • CCC1122 Counselling Skills
  • CCC2120 Ethical and Legal Issues for Pastoral and Lay Counsellors
  • CCC2121 Psychopathology and Spiritual Conflicts
  • CCC2122 Relationships, Marriage and Family Counselling

Students may select any four of the following courses:

  • CCC1123 Crisis Intervention and Trauma Counselling
  • CCC1124 Counselling – Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • CCC1125 Wellness – Personal and Spiritual Growth
  • CCC1126 Addictions and Co-dependency
  • CCC2123 Congregational Care and Lay Counselling
  • CCC2124 Gerontology and Counselling the Terminally Ill
  • CCC2126 Advanced Counselling Skills Practicum
  • CCC2127 Medicine, Health and Healing

When you enrol, you are required to pay only the enrolment fee, the fee for credits awarded as a result of Recognition of Prior Learning, and the cost of the first two courses. When you have passed your first two courses, you then pay for the next two, and so on.
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Minimum study requirements: You are required to complete 48 credits of study every 12 months (commencing with date of enrolment).
IMPORTANT. Please note that the minimum number of courses you must purchase each time is two, even though you only need to do one per term.

Kindly note all fees paid to SATS are non-refundable

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Please take extra care when completing the online application form not to use apostrophes, commas, inverted commas, brackets or slashes.