Undergraduate School

The Undergraduate School is committed to providing the best opportunities and support for all theological programmes offered to undergraduate students. A competent team of full-time administrative and academic staff and associates, each specialising in a particular field of theology, serves an ever-growing number of undergraduate students from all over the world.

Our focus is on people who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, who love and respect the Bible as God’s Word and are involved in advancing His kingdom through practical ministry.

If you would like to discuss your undergraduate studies in more detail please contact our staff for more information about the programmes offered as well as other services that we may render.

Registrar for Undergraduate studies: jane@sats.edu.za
Assistant Registrar and Help Desk for Undergraduate studies: grace@sats.edu.za
Undergraduate Enrolments: sharon@sats.edu.za

In order to successfully complete your undergraduate studies, you will need to have access to the Internet and a computer, as students are required to submit their assignments to the MySats website. MySats is the student learning environment and to read more about this please click here.

We do offer a printing service to South African students who prefer to receive their courses in printed format, but all course assessments are completed online. (There is a fee charged for this service, which is available only to South African students.)

In addition to the Bachelor of Theology, the following programmes are available at the Higher Certificate level:

  • Higher Certificate in Christian Life
  • Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling

We recognise prior learning in all our undergraduate programmes based on prior qualifications and life experience. We assign credits according to the courses available in our curriculum.

Should our B.Th. students wish to continue their studies in a postgraduate programme, they are well prepared to do so. All our programmes are registered by the Department of Higher Education and accredited by the Council on Higher Education. The Bachelor of Theology programme may be taken in English or French.


When the Seminary was founded, instead of the traditional curriculum design, we researched what Christians at both leadership and non-leadership levels need to know and be able to do in their life and ministry. We used this analysis to develop a series of learning outcomes from which we developed the curriculum. In other words, the courses you study all yield essential knowledge and skills.
Since then we have consistently researched the changing landscape of theology and its application. We have come to realise that leaders and pastors need to be kept abreast of changes and their application.
Our aim is to make studying as pleasant as possible for you without compromising standards.

Minimum study requirements: You are required to complete 48 credits of study every 12 months (commencing with date of enrolment).


Undergraduate Programmes
To pass the course, you must get a minimum mark of 40% for the exam and achieve an overall grade of 50% or above


Each undergraduate course is worth 12 credits, which will accrue towards your qualification. When you complete your studies, whether or not you have earned a qualification, you will be issued with a transcript detailing all your courses and the credits you have earned.

You need to accumulate 120 credits to be awarded a qualification at Higher Certificate level and 360 credits for a Bachelor of Theology. The Bachelor of Theology Honours requires 120 credits above a Bachelor’s degree. An additional 180 credits are needed to obtain the Masters degree (i.e., 660 credits in total), and a further 360 credits for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Once you have met all the requirements for your chosen qualification, you will be awarded the qualification.

Advantages of studying at SATS

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