Youth Development Conference: 1st – 14th September 2012

This key Professional Development Seminar will help you to build appropriate foundations for your youth ministry.

The South African Theological Seminary would like to offer you the opportunity to book time with this speaker, to spend personal time in your own environment with your leaders and potential leaders.

We are planning the SATS conference differently this year – instead of hosting a conference where delegates attend a single venue, we believe it would be of more benefit to local churches to have our speaker, Tim Hawkins present the training in their local churches.

Often church leaders are not able to spare time during the week to attend a conference and so lose the opportunity to meet really interesting and experienced Christian ministers. We believe Tim’s ministry is critical for developing young people and are therefore offering local churches the opportunity to book him for a personal session with their leaders and pastors.

We are asking only for a contribution to Tim’s travel costs from each church that he visits.

Please contact Jenny Mason – 011 234 4440 or for more information.



Leadership Messages from Tim Hawkins


Designed for Christian Leaders and Students



If the troops need inspiration to keep going, it’s often good to start or finish with a word of encouragement.

1. You are a Generation Changer! – Psalm 71


An inspirational message to lift the sights of leaders from being “just a youth leader” to see themselves as being able to sow Gods word into the upcoming generation. Key verse “”Even when I am old and grey, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come”. (Ps 71:18). Shows the 4 decisions of a generation changer.

  1. I will trust in you alone
  2. I will be a powerful example
  3. I will never give up
  4. I will proclaim your righteousness alone

2. You are called by God

Shows how God sometimes chooses the strangest people to fulfil his aims. We see how one person – when called by God – can make a huge difference. An inspirational message!

We investigate:

  1. Abraham
  2. Moses
  3. David
  4. Paul

3. Never Give Up! – 2 Corinthians 4: 1-11

Great to finish with!

Shows how ministry can sometimes be hard going, but also shows the biblical pattern for “hanging in there”. We discover in 2 Corinthians 4 that we carry God’s gospel – we carry God’s treasure – but we carry it in “jars of clay” – our own frail human bodies. In fact it is
the frailty of us that shows the power of God and his gospel. Therefore “we are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” A real encouragement to keep going with the
power of Jesus.



Programmes always change, but the biblical principles never do. We look at these biblical
principles to ensure that we’re doing the ministry that God really wants us to do.

11. Fruit That Will Last – John 15: 1-16

Investigates John 15 (Vine and the branches) to help us have a ministry that produces 2 kinds of lasting fruit – fruit in our own personal lives, and the ministry fruit of producing disciples who will last. Explores 5 cheap substitutes for fruit that will last – which can be real traps in any youth ministry –

  1. Numbers
  2. Activities
  3. Hype
  4. Bait n Switch
  5. Picking Unripe Fruit

12. A Purpose that Will Last – John 2: 12-22

Explores what is the purpose behind all our ministry. Shows the danger of running activities without working out your biblical purpose first. Investigates Jesus as he clears the temple, and shows how Jesus’ one over-riding purpose and passion in his life was to glorify God. Reflects back to King David and shows his same purpose and passion. Shows that to have a fruitful ministry then:

  1. we need to have personal lives that bring glory to God.
  2. everything we do in our ministry must bring glory to God.

13. A Mission that will Last – Matthew 28: 18-20

If you only have time for one session on ministry strategy, this is it!

Shows the problem of having a ministry where we’re racing around doing thousands of good things – and yet missing the one thing that Jesus really wants. We look at Matthew 28: 18-20 and show that the only task that Jesus has left for us to do on this planet is to make disciples of all nations. We explore what having a vision for “all nations” means and we explore what it really means to make disciples. We investigate the 3 step strategy that Jesus leaves for us

  1. Bringing In
  2. Building Up
  3. Sending out

14. How to develop a biblical plan


Practical session on how to set goals that will help you achieve great things in your ministry. Looks at the problem of having a ministry that has no real goals, and compares this with the result of having a definite plan. We investigate the 5 steps to help you grow a biblical plan.

  1. Discover God’s plans and ideas
  2. Discover the real needs of youth.
  3. Establish biblical goals.
  4. Set a programme to achieve your biblical goals
  5. The natural result – evaluation and revision

15. How to grow a church – Acts 6: 1-7

We investigate the early church at a time where it was starting to grow. There is no way that the apostles can carry out all the necessary ministries, so we look at the principles they put in place to grow the church of God.

  1. Grow with God’s Word
  2. Grow with God’s people
  3. Grow with God’s Spirit.



This will help to build your team as biblical leaders – as people of both integrity and skill.

21. Ten Marks of a Servant leader – Mark 9: 33-35

Investigates the whole of the NT to find the 10 marks of someone who is truly a servant-leader.

(Can be scaled down to highlight the issues most relevant for your leaders.)

  1. You know how to take orders Matthew 8:9
  2. You are responsible for your tasks Mark 13:34
  3. You are trusted with more when you are faithful Matt 25:21, Luke 16:10
  4. You are always ready to serve Luke 12: 35-38
  5. You follow Jesus John 12:26
  6. You serve the gospel Ephesians 3:7
  7. You flee from sin Gal 5:13, 1 Peter 2:16
  8. You accept persecution John 15:20-21, Mk 10:45
  9. You trust God’s strength 1 Peter 4: 10-11
  10. You serve – wholeheartedly Ephesians 6:7

22. Building a leadership Culture

Shows how to build a culture in your ministry that breeds leadership. How to raise up leaders who want to work on your team. Focuses on how to be a genuine encourager, and looks at how Jesus involves his team in his ministry.

  1. Build with care 1 Thessalonians 2:7
  2. Build with words Proverbs 18:21
  3. Build with training Luke Chs 8-9
  4. Build with expectation Set the standard high!
  5. Build with prayer Colossians 1: 9-12

23. The 3 Relationships of a Shepherd Leader

Investigates the whole of the NT – to find out what relationships a good shepherd needs to have. Focuses on the personal life of the leader – in particular – keeping their own relationship with Jesus vital, and knowing their own heart so that they lead like a genuine shepherd, rather than like a “hired hand”.

      i. Know Jesus our shepherd

ii. Know your heart

iii. Know your sheep

24. The 3 tasks of a Shepherd Leader

Investigates the whole of the NT – and shows there are only 3 tasks that a good shepherd is meant to do. Helps leaders to develop a heart for the outsiders, and a passion for discipleship. Attacks the “Little Bo Peep” model of discipleship.

  1. Find your sheep
  2. Feed your sheep
  3. Guard your sheep

25. The Missing Ingredient in Leadership (1) – Follower-ship

The starting point of being a great leader is to be a great follower. Joyful submission to spiritual leadership is something that we need to model. In this message we tackle an issue which is often a struggle for young youth leaders. We investigate:

  • Leadership Romans 13:1
  • Submission Romans 13:2
  • Accountability Psalm 75: 6-7
  • David’s follower-ship 1 Samuel 24
  • Jesus’ follower-ship Matthew 26: 38-39
  • A submissive spirit v a defiant spirit
  • Making your leaders’ job a joy, not a burden

26. The Missing Ingredient in Leadership – (2) – Integrity

Who are you when no-one’s watching? We show that leadership is a wholistic lifestyle, not a segregated function. We investigate the account of Achan and the battle of Ai (Joshua Chs 6-7)– to show what lack of integrity does to a leader, and what effect it has on God’s people. We investigate the 3 steps that Achan took in his sin, and then the 4th step which turned him from a regular everyday sinner into a hypocrite. The challenge – what have you got that is buried in your tent?



Probably the most important area. It’s your heart that will be reproduced in others. This is a great challenge to finish with!

D31. Grow a Fully Devoted Heart – 1 Samuel 16: 1-7

If you only have time for one session to challenge the heart, this is it!

Investigates the choosing of David to be king. Key verse 1 Samuel 16 7 “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”. Shows why growing our own heart is the key to growing our ministry. Shows hoe dangerous our hearts can be – even to leading us away from God. Shows the essential difference between King Solomon and King David “his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of his father David had been” (1 Kings 11:4. Shows the difference between having a hearts that is “almost” devoted, and a heart that is “fully” devoted.

32. Grow a Pastor’s Heart – 1 Thessalonians 2: 6-12

Helps leaders to grow genuine pastors’ hearts. The 5 steps that Paul goes through are:

  1. Care gently
  2. Love genuinely
  3. Work hard
  4. Live with Integrity
  5. Encourage Firmly

33. Guard your life and Ministry – 1 Timothy 4: 6-16

Shows that the best way to build your ministry is to have God build you from the inside.
We investigate the following steps from 1 Timothy 4

  1. Strengthen your heart
  2. Strengthen your character
  3. Strengthen your life
  4. Strengthen your ministry

34. Fruitful Ministry in Times of Drought – Jeremiah 17: 5-8

This message – which was a keynote at the Australian National Youth Ministry
Conference shows the danger of doing ministry in your own strength, and the rich blessing of doing it in God’s strength.



The two messages to set the biblical framework for discipleship have already been mentioned. These are vital!

11. Fruit That Will Last – John 15: 1-16

13. A Mission that will Last – Matthew 28: 18-20

To go into the detail of the discipleship process, try these messages from “Disciples Who Will Last”

41. The Vision for Discipling

  • Why building lasting disciples really matters
  • The discipling method of Jesus
  • The discipling method of Paul

42. How to get the gospel right and make your message clear

  • Why the gospel matters
  • Getting the gospel right
  • How to give a clear gospel message

43. How to bring a student to Christ

  • Step-by-step guide to the initial conservation
  • Understanding the devils weapons – doubt, and guilt
  • The vital first week of follow-up.

44. Making discipleship groups work

  • The best way to meet with young disciples
  • Getting your discipleship group started.
  • Making your discipleship group work.

45. What to teach growing disciples

  • The three key steps for a new disciple
  • Teaching the six habits of GROWTH
  • G Gathering with Christians
  • R Reaching others
  • O Obeying Jesus
  • W Willing to give
  • T Talking with God
  • H Hearing God speak

46. Being a discipleship leader

  • The discipling relationship
  • The faithful discipling leader
  • The effective discipling leader

47. The Missing Links of Discipleship

  • Keeping track
  • Getting disciples into active ministry
  • Memorising verses
  • Trusting God


    The major sessions are ideal for either keynote presentations, or in small workshops. The sessions whose numbering starts at “101” are more suited as workshops.

    81. Principles for Programmes

    Practical session on how to programme your ministry to effective. Sows the importance of “how you start determines how you finish”. Shows how programmes are only temporary – our biblical objectives never change. Shows how to work out the “heart” of you ministry by where you are putting your energy. Shows the danger of using gimmicks to attract students. This session is designed to help you come up with a balanced programme that actually achieves the aims that Jesus has set for you.

    82. Staying Fresh for the Long Haul

    Practical session on the many clues that will help you power on in ministry long-term, without suffering early burnout. These are immensely practical tips – learned through the experience of many years. Examples include:

    • Don’t believe you’re superman
    • Don’t work harder than God
    • Raise up other leaders to have all the fun
    • Strengthen your family relationships
    • Keep your vision big

    83. Surviving the 5 stages of youth ministry

    Investigates the problem of people bailing out of youth ministry in their mid twenties – only a few years (or months!) after they’ve started. A real encouragement to “hang in there”. Key question “Will you stay in youth ministry long enough to get it right?” If you can understand these 5 distinct stages – and the key differences between them, you can not only survive but prosper in long-term youth ministry. The 5 stages are:

      1. The “one of the gang” stage
      2. The “big brother/sister” stage
      3. The “aunt/uncle” stage
      4. The “parent” stage
      5. The “grandparent” stage



    101. How to remember names

    102. How to really listen

    103. How to be a champion encourager

    104. How to teach the bible
    105. Preaching for life-change with young people.

    106. How to care for students in a crisis

    107. How to lead a small group

    108. From decision to disciple – how to disciple a young person

    109. How to lead a student to Christ

    110. Working with the senior pastor

    111. Working with parents

    112. Getting discipline right

    113. How to look after your leaders

    114. How to balance ministry and family life

    115. Understanding adolescents

    116. Keeping leadership standards high

    117. 10 things every youth leader needs to know

    118. How to train students to win their friends

    119. How to develop students as leaders


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