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Speaker’s Notes from Previous Conferences hosted by SATS

Dr Chris Wright:Preaching From the old Testament

Conference Notes and Audio Files

Session Length Download
Session 1 – Why Teach from the Old Testament? 44min 17sec

Notes (PDF) 700KB

Session2 – Notes on Preaching 38min 52sec

Notes (PDF) 595KB

Session 3 – Law and Grace 53min 33sec
Session 4 – God’s character – a model for the nations 32min 46sec Session4 (mp3) 30.0MB
Session 5 – The message of the law for today 51min 36sec Chris Wright Session 5.mp3

Resources from previous conference hosted by the South African Theological Seminary

Understanding the 4/14 Window: Challenging the church to rethink its position on children’s ministry – May 11th – 13th 2011:Conference Notes

Dr. Keith White

Dr. Dan Brewster

Dr. Daniel Sweeney

Robert Botha