Submission Guidelines

Submitting an Article

All articles are peer-reviewed prior to publication in Conspectus. In the case of scholarly essays, the article is reviewed by two academics, who make recommendations to the editor regarding whether or not to publish the article. The editor will compile the feedback for the author, and indicate any changes that are required prior to publication. The review process typically takes about 1-2 months. Contingent on the submission, please note that authors may be required to complete more than one round of editing. Before publication, the author(s) will receive a final draft copy (pdf) of the article for final inspection.

All submissions to Conspectus are reviewed on academic grounds. Authors are required to submit the names and contact details of three persons as referees. The editorial board usually contacts at least one referee from this list.

In the case of book reviews, the editor or a member of his team reviews it for suitability; the editor will then provide relevant feedback to the author.

Closing dates for submissions:

  • 28/29th of February for the March issue
  • 31st of August for the September issue

General submission guidelines

  • Send the article to the general editor ( by email in MS Word format.
  • Include an abstract of 100-250 words summarising the thesis and main arguments of the article (this is not necessary for book reviews). You may use the following mapping (Clark 2007:178):
  • Introduce the author’s purpose and/or intention.
  • Describe the methodology used to conduct the research.
  • Summarise the results and present the conclusions and/or suggest implications of the research.
  • Use the following settings in your word processor.
  • Page:                               A5
  • Side margins:                 3 picas
  • Top/bottom margins:   4 picas
  • Language:                      English UK
  • Font:                               Times New Roman, size 12
  • Line spacing:                 1.15
  • Justification:                  Full
  • For general style guidelines, follow the Academic Writing and Theological Research by Kevin Smith (Johannesburg: SATS Press, 2008). You can request and electronic copy from the editor.
  • Use in-text citations following the author-date method (e.g. Brown 1999:245) and include a list of works cited at the end of the article. For numerous in-text references, arrange in alphabetical order.
  • Please include biographical notes and personal contact details with your article. Your contact details should include your email address.