Study Theology at SATS

When you study with SATS you meet a team of educators and administrators who are creative, innovative, dedicated and passionate about the way they teach and deliver their courses. We are aware that it is crucial to balance business, careers, home and studies. With this in mind we believe we offer the following advantages to any person who would like to study via the distance learning method:


  • We strive to understand your needs as a student.
  • We constantly look at better methods of delivery.
  • We offer encouraging and relevant feedback.
  • We are respected by our peers as a Christian Seminary that offers high quality courses.
  • We are accredited by the Council on Higher Education and registered by the Department of Higher Education.
  • Our qualifications are widely recognised.
  • We involve you, our student, in the process of learning improvements.
  • Our administrators are thoroughly trained, responsive and polite.
  • We use technology to its full capacity to save you time.
  • Our online courses encourage you to meet new friends and communicate with other students.
  • We listen to your feedback.
  • We assist you in achieving your learning goals.
  • Our courses are worthwhile and challenging.
  • We are an internationally recognised institution.
  • We welcome student and staff interaction.
  • Our curriculum has an end purpose in mind which is to aid you in your ministry and calling.
  •  We continually reassess the programmes we offer in order to make your studies relevant to your calling.
  •  We regularly evaluate our administrative processes in order to offer our students the fastest and most efficient service.
  •  We help our students to stay abreast of contemporary theological issues.

Our Helpdesk is manned during office hours by Grace Sikhosana – 011 234-4440.
We regularly ask our students to complete feedback questionnaires in an effort to track our performance and quality of service.