Student Profiles

Student Profiles


35 year old woman
Prior learning:
Matric exemption
Preliminary Certificate in Theology
EE International
Missions course
Leadership course

Lauren was granted entrance to the Bachelors programme with credits


40 year old male
Senior Certificate
All Africa School of Theology Ministers Diploma
Primary Teacher’s Diploma Lovedale College for Continuing Education
He was granted credits for his prior learning and was admitted to the Bachelor’s programme


29 year old male
EE3 Training
Christian Life Training – Bachelor of Ministry
Christian Fellowship International Ordinary Certificate
Emergency Services Chaplaincy (Southern Africa)
Christian Lives course – (In house church course)
Hennie was granted credits into the Bachelor programme


43 year old woman
Diploma in Education – Thabanchu College of Education
HED – Vista University
B.Ed in Training and Development – RAU
Living Water Bible College – Pastoral Theology
Accepted into the bridging Masters programme.


33 year old man who has applied for the doctorate programme.

He has an  MA in theological studies from Austin Pres Theological Seminary in USA (accredited).
His area of interest is worship leadership and specifically worship in an African perspective.


Student’s Stories

Story 1: An Anonymous Student in a Muslim Country

… In the year 2000, my wife, my two children and I had followed God’s calling to go into the mission field. The Lord guided us to an unreached Muslim people group on the east coast of Africa. Most Christians do not realize that 18 African countries are majority Muslim, and 12 more are entirely Muslim… Read the whole article


Story 2: I completed my masters in Greek

I completed my Masters in Biblical Greek through SATS and found the supervision to be phenomenal.


Story 3: Cathy’s Story

My name is Cath Bezold and I am currently working in the Eastern Equatoria region in South Sudan. Our lives are a journey with our Lord and my life has been an incredible journey and I could not have done it without God. I have been a missionary for over 10 years, first serving with YWAM(Youth with a Mission) and Mercy Ships mostly serving in Sierra Leone. I then felt led to serve with my church in helping plant a Primary school with one of our sister Baptist Churches in Khayelitsha. All these experiences were stepping stones for my next step and calling to Sudan. I have always had a heart for unreached people groups particularly in Africa. Read more


Story 4: Tanya’s Story

My name is Tanya Pieterse. I was very hesitant about starting my studies as my husband and I had just started a new business from home. The work load was heavy and home schooling my daughter added additional pressure. I do travel writing and photography so SATS afforded me the perfect opportunity to both travel and study at the same time, as long as I had my lap top with me. The constant communication from SATS ensured that I remained connected to the Seminary, its lecturers and the other students. I felt part of the “SATS Community.”
Read more