Student Testimonials

Captain Keith Holmes’ Story


“On completion of my BTH, SATS has taught me so much, not only the correct and acceptable way of presenting an assignment, the importance of correct citations and bibliography; but their subject choices are subjects that are informative and life changing.

As a Salvation Army Officer it has increased my biblical knowledge, and has taught me how to live out that knowledge through the way their subjects are structured. Every subject changed my personal way of living and thinking – wonderfully changing me into a more Christ-like person daily.”

I would really commend SATS to any officer.
Captain Keith Holmes
Donor and Development Relations Officer
The Salvation Army – Southern Africa Territory

Tanya’s Story

I was very hesitant about starting my studies as my husband and I had just started a new business from home. The work load was heavy and home schooling my daughter added additional pressure. I do travel writing and photography so SATS afforded me the perfect opportunity to both travel and study at the same time, as long as I had my lap top with me. The constant communication from SATS ensured that I remained connected to the Seminary, its lecturers and the other students. I felt part of the “SATS Community.”

It was largely due to the encouragement and assurance of the academic staff that I enrolled. The entire staff at SATS remained approachable, considerate and helpful throughout and as I progressed through the course work I grew more and more confident of my abilities to succeed and finish the course.
I had the benefit of their clarity of approach, valuable insight and personal warmth throughout the duration of my studies and was able to put what I was learning to use to deal with day-to-day problems.

Although challenging, I didn’t find the course work to be demanding and I was able to keep to the allocated time schedule with ease. The course work was well presented, affordable, the material of a high standard, and the use of readers helped considerably in reducing the overall cost. I found the course to be well suited for those who want to study part time and keep the balance between home, work and study.

Through the support of everyone at SATS, I was able to complete my online degree and attend the graduation with my daughter, husband and parents, a proud moment for my entire family.

Other testimonials

“My time at SATS has been very interesting, in that I have gained a lot in my studies. Even though the level of my education or the depth of my study needed high discipline and patience, but the co-operation of the supervisors made me to succeed without any hindrance.

The SATS team has taught me on how to handle research work without any problem, a field which Masters students fear. ”


“Our behaviour patterns and lifestyles reveal much about our theology, because best theology proves itself . Just as our beliefs as true Christians set us apart from worldly philosophies and false doctrines, so our behaviour should distinguish us from the rest of the world. Therefore, SATS is a great place to study best theology. My husband and I both studied at the seminary and my husband continued with his studies at SATS. We really enjoyed the flexibility of their distance education program, and we have found t heir study materials both sound and comprehensive! ”

Anna Grobler

“Studying at SATS has been the best thing I have started and am doing!! I cannot put into words how the studying is fulfilling me, helping me and encouraging me, God just knew! Timing, circumstances, mindset and place of heart since September’09.”

Alice Teipel

“The learning experience I received from SATS was a tremendous impartation and spiritual directive, with studies that fulfill our God’s destiny even with distance learning SATS is a formative influence in my work and is my forte.”

Mr Lawrence Khumalo

“At SATS I have encountered a dedicated team that is living a life worthy of their calling (Ephesians 4:1). They have equipped me through a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-led education. I found the accommodating nature of the training team and flexibility of the programme, which allowed me to study while serving in a fulltime ministry, of great value. May SATS, all prospective and present students be blessed – living a life worthy of the calling they have received.”

Tertius W Zimmermann

“I’ve really been blessed, revived  and motivated through my SATS learning experience. I hadn’t studied at this level for a number of years and wasn’t so sure if I’d manage at my age, but I found the experience exciting and challenging at the same time. I was thrilled to find an institution that supports my evangelical background, but with sound doctrine as well. I’ve always found the staff most helpful and friendly. Thank you SATS”

Frankie Burgoyne, Major

“Thanks so much for your genuine Christian encouragement. Even though I am only one it makes a big difference to me.”

Ted Beckerleg