SATS Student Testimonials

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“My name is Tanya Pieterse. I was very hesitant about starting my studies as my husband and I had just started a new business from home. The work load was heavy and home schooling my daughter added additional pressure… The constant communication from SATS ensured that I remained connected to the Seminary, its lecturers and the other students. I felt part of the “SATS Community.”

– Tanya Pieterse; Student

“My experience with SATS (MTh in 2008; PhD in 2012) has been excellent. after earning BA, MA and DMin degrees from accredited USA schools, as a pastor, I needed a method of study that would not require dis location from my ministry context. It also had to be via an accredited academic institution. SATS provided the
perfect opportunity for what I needed”

– Dr Russell Morris, Lead Pastor,
Harvest Hills Church North Carolina, USA

“have been so impressed by the course this year. The SATS admin is excellent and I am enjoying my studies thoroughly”

– Jonathan Glover; Student

“I wanted to study theology but did not want to leave my home and family for long periods. I saw that SATS offers – ‘Bible based, Christ centred, Spirit led’ focused degrees via distance learning so enrolled in their PhD programme. Since I enrolled I have experienced constant support from caring administrators and well qualified postgraduate academics. I believe to study in a well accredited institution is to be among the well recognised academians.”

– Rev Eric Kwasi Annan, Accra, Ghana

“Just wanted to drop in quickly and say how impressed I am with SATS. … with the clear communication, the set up of the courses, the proper introductions, the availability of individuals, the simple yet detailed information and the logical way in which all parts of SATS interacts with each other. Well Done.”

– Rian Joubert

“As the Director of a mission agency I was looking for a theological institution where I could combine my reading and research with travel and speaking engagements, etc. SATS provided this in an excellent way. Their encouragement of my topic of research and the personal interaction with my supervisor made my study and research an enjoyable and fruitful exercise!”

– Richard Coombs

SATS is a very well organized program and I enjoyed using my profile on the internet. It is simple and effective. The staff at the Seminary have been very helpful with all queries through my studies. The course has had a good impact on my life and future ministry.

– Kristien Van Zyl

I found studying at SATS to be a very rewarding experience. The course material was excellent, and what was especially pleasing, totally based on Scripture. Feed back from the Seminary was, for the most part, outstanding and the friendly Christian based “atmosphere” very comforting. Yes, I am continuing my association with SATS and have started with the Honours program.

– Doug Renecle

Studying at SATS has not only been an amazing experience, but probably also one of my best decisions in life. I have been in full-time ministry for the past fifteen years and desperately needed sound Biblical teaching. Since I could not interrupt my church-planting ministry with full-time studies, I had to find the right distance education programme. SATS truly fulfilled my every need and I was right at home with all the staff members I worked with. Thank you very much SATS for an incredible journey!

– Marco

Studying with SATS has been exciting and challenging, but mostly a joyful journey. It has equipped me with the tools and with the confidence to continue studying the word of God in context. Once a student of the Word always a student of the Word!

I highly recommend SATS to anyone who is serious about growing in the knowledge of God and the Christian faith.

– Brenda J Boddy

My SATS experience has been amazing. I have found the e-learning especially beneficial. It has been great to interact with other students and the facilitator. I have been challenged to go deeper in my studies. This has been a growing experience both intellectually and spiritually.

– Syd Rothman

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So sorry I missed your call but thank you for following up with an email. I am blown away by the care that I am getting from SATS – surely there can’t be a college out there to beat you at that!!
Yes thank you – I have received my parcel. I have only just finished going through the Part A of the Writing Guide book that came with the package and my set books have just arrived. So Monday is official start day for me and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to it. We are in the process of relocating to Johannesburg from Kokstad – so are busy house hunting and packing etc but that will not deter me with my studies.
Thank you for reassuring me of the support provided by SATS. I’m sure I will be fine regarding the tasks etc but if not I will make contact.

– Luane Brannigan