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Taking the distance out of distance education

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Looking back over the past month, and looking ahead to the months ahead, SATS is being showcased internationally (both from home and abroad) in many exciting ways. For more on this and other matters of the seminary, keep reading…

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Following on from a recent 6-part presentation of an “An Overview of Revelation”, Dr Chris Peppler, the founder of SATS, has launched an exciting blog series on the Book of Revelation. You can access the first entries in the series at the links below, or subscribe to his newsfeed HERE.





A senior academic at SATS, Dr Mark Pretorius, is going to the Faraday Institute in Cambridge this month to attend their summer school for Science and Theology. The lectures are given by some of the most renowned scholars in this field from Cambridge and Oxford University. They include Prof Alister McGrath, Prof Simon Conway Morris and Prof Peter Clarke, to name a few.

Later in the year, Dr Pretorius will also be travelling to Michigan Grand Rapids in the United States for six weeks. He received a prestigious writing scholarship from the Issachar Foundation. He will be specifically working on his new book, a follow-on of his current book available from SATS entitled Prayer: How to Pray and Receive God’s Best for Your Life.

We wish Dr Pretorius success in these visits, which we believe will benefit our students – especially those who have chosen to study the subject related to his research.

Mark Pretorius Cambridge and Grand Rapids

David Woods Cambridge



Our Head of Quality Assurance, David Woods, will be traveling to England in August, to attend an annual Biblical study summer school at Cambridge University. The Vacation Term for Biblical Study (VTBS) is presented by leading scholars in their respective fields. On the programme this year are:

  • “What made Christianity different in the Roman world?” (Prof. Larry Hurtado, University of Edinburgh)
  • “The priests of Israel and Judah” (Dr Jonathan Stökl, Kings College of London)
  • “Different approaches to the Bible in the work of Christian and Jewish artists” (Julia Weiner, Regent University London).

David will also be attending daily Biblical Hebrew classes. We look forward to hearing about his studies when he returns!


Dr Reuben van Rensburg, visited Atlanta and Los Angeles earlier this year, where he met with current and prospective students and various Christian leaders. On the right, you can see Reuben spending some time with one of our doctoral graduates, Kelly Larson and his wife Suzanne, in the beautiful town of Bishop (CF). 

During the first week of June, Dr van Rensburg also attended the annual conference of the International Council for Higher Education in Cambodia.

Head of the undergraduate school, Dr Willem Semmelink, has also been visiting. He recently represented SATS in Kenya at an initiative to develop a holistic child development programme (a project started by Compassion International). This includes developing Certificate, Diploma, BTh 3 & 4 year degrees, Masters and Doctoral programmes. These curricula are being developed in both English and French.

SATS was also represented at the Global Advocacy Forum; both Dr Johannes Malherbe (head of the postgraduate school) and Mrs Bev van Rensburg attended this forum. On the right we see Johannes forming part of a discussion panel with delegates from many parts of the world.

SATS represented globally

Gap Year


Are you wondering what to do in your gap year? Have you considered training yourself for life and ministry during that time? In 2012 SATS conducted a survey on Biblical literacy amongst over 4000 South African churchgoers. The results showed that there is a dire need for Christ-centred and Bible-based teaching in our churches which helps Christians to make good, godly decisions based on God’s instructions through His word. We believe through the Crossroads programme we can address this need.

Crossroads can be structured to fit into a church internship programme, or you can do it online at your own pace. It can run for one or two years and can be done once or twice a week, depending on the time available. 

For more information, contact Crossroads at


Knysna Baptist Church are looking for a volunteer to assist them in a gap-year youth-oriented ministry. The church needs someone to help develop the chilren- and youth ministry. Any students looking for an opportunity to gain practical ministry experience in a local church context (without payment) can contact Malcolm Cunningham at +27 71 702 1331 or


Chartwell Village Church in Johannesburg, a small church planted by the Lonehill Village Church (which founded SATS), is looking for a Pastoral Elder to join the eldership team on a full time basis.

Chartwell Village Church is a Jesus-centred, Bible-based, Holy Spirit dependent, Evangelical Church family.

For more information, contact


St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Sunninghill is looking for a full-time youth pastor. The purpose of the position is to build relationships and minister in every area concerning youth in the parish, in order to facilitate growth in their relationship with Christ, with themselves and with others. 

For more information, contact Revd. Claudia Coustas at

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