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Aeberhard, David Towards a Model for Enhancing the Theology and Praxis of Divine Healing for the Paf.die.Gemeinde in Kirchberg, Switzerland
Abera, Abay Abera Practical Implications of 1 Corinthians 7:1-16 for Christian Married Couples in the Ethiopian Full Gospel Believer’s Church
Abera, Abay Abera Practical Proposals for raising the profile of Children’s Ministry in the Ethiopian Full Gospel Believer’s Church
Agubuzu-Oyi, Celestina Widowhood Practice In Ezeagu, Nigeria: The Role Of The Anglican Church
Biatoma Felix Kantonda Rhetorical Analysis of Paul’s Argument in 1corinthians 13
BLACKMAN, NELIA Numbers 24:17: A Messianic prophecy, or simply a reference to an earthly king?
Booysen, Sharon Elizabeth An Analysis of the Status and Evangelism Strategy of Muslim Wives in Saudi Arabia
Boshoff, Rudi The Role of the Holy Spirit in Discipleship in a hostile world: an exegetico-theological analysis of John 16:7-15
Broodryk, Nicolaas Marthunis The Salvation and Discipleship of Children within the Dynamics of theFamily
Broodryk, Nicolaas Marthunis Deliberations on Discipleship and Training in the Missiological Effort
Campbell, Sheldon Towards a biblically faithful operative theology with regards to 2 Chronicles 7:14 at Christian Life Fellowship, Jamaica
Carsten, Friedrich Die Schatten der himmlischen Dinge:Typologie im Hebräerbrief
Chua, Alton Y. K. Knowledge Management: A Recommended Companion in the Task of Biblical Mentoring in the 21st Century
De Bruyn, David Jack An Examination of the Popular Justifications for the Existence of Messianic Judaism
de Carvalho, Jose Antonio Christocentricity without Christoconformity: An Evaluation of the Healing Ministry of Jesus
Di Giovanna, Guillermo Eduardo Apóstoles evangélicos en el siglo XXI: una crítica desde la teología reformada (Evangelical Apostles in the 21st century: a critique from Reformed theology)
Ewald Ferdinand Franklin Gregor De Bijbelse Rol van Oudsten en Diakenen in De Volle Evangelie Gemeente “The Open Door” In Suriname: Een Geval Studie
Falconer, Robert D. The Unity and Argument of John 10: An Analysis of Discourse Features
Farr Williams, Michael Scott Debating Scientific Origins: Can Intelligent Design be Supportively Involved in Natural Science Debates on the Origin of Life?
Fürstenberg, Merlin Begleitwirkungen und mögliche Risiken des Internet-Pornografie-Konsums Ein Beitrag aus der Perspektive christlicher Ethik
Frow, Alan Peter Towards a strategy for promoting and multiplying effective, biblical church plants from Southlands Church, Orange County, California
Gertzen, Geoff Endure Hardship: Suffering in the Ministry, Expectations of Pastoral Trainees in the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa
Grader, Daniel Christsein im ersten Johannesbrief: Ausführungen zur christlichen Existenz vor dem Hintergrund der wichtigsten johanneischen Alternativbegriffe
Grobler, Tommy Neither Male nor Female: The Implications of Galatians 3:26-29 for Today’s Church
Howard, Robynne Louise Abortion: The Effect and Ethical Implications it has on the Emotional Intelligence [EQ] of Adolescents.
Hoy, Barbara Anne An Exegesis of Luke 5:12-16 and its Relevance for Shaping Christian Attitude towards People Stigmatized by HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa
Jacobs, Linda Anna A Comparative Study of the Phrase “in Christ” in Ephesians
Janse Van Rensburg, Elmain Involving Children in the Mission of the Local Church
Kamfwa, Damas A biblical and practical response to divorced pastors in ministry in the churches in the Kawama compound of Ndola in Zambia
Laverty, Kristen Contours of the Postmodern Generation: Critical Observations for a Relevant Missional Approach by the 21st Century Church in Following The Missional Example of Jesus Christ
Mahlaola, Joseph Biblical Interpretation and the Christocentric Principle: The Interpretation of Acts 15:1-35
Mavuso, Moses The Role of the Assemblies of God Movement in Zululand District in Addressing Needs and Concerns of Pastor’s Widows.>
McFather, David B. Towards a strategy to achieve a biblical and effective operative theology at Damascus Baptist Church with reference to Jesus’ use of the Son of Man Motif
Michael Janse van Rensburg Christian Creation Theories Rooted in the Genesis Account and Their Underlying Assumptions.
Mumba, Gabriel Placing the poor within the current [prophetic] ministry of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God of Zambia (PAOG (Z)) pastors
Nolasco, Ariel A. Towards a Strategy of Developing a Marriage Mentoring Ministry at Northwest Church, Hispanic Ministry
Ongeya, Louise Kearsney Onen The Existence of a Jewish Remnant as Evidence of God’s Redemption Plan for Israel
Pickford, Diane The Role and Relevancy of a School Chaplain in Kwa-Zulu Natal
Ras, Juliètte Elizabeth Sexuality: A Decision Making Model for Adolescents in South Africa
Rogers, Gregory Garnet A Literature Survey of the History of Interpretation of the Sodom and Gomorrah Incident of Genesis 19:1-29, With Special Reference to the Homosexuality Debate
Rohde, Ria Denn es ist der Wille Gottes, dass ihr heilig lebt.“ 1. Thessalonicher 4,3: Analyse und Systematisierung grundlegender Aspekte eines heiligen Lebenswandels in den Paulusbriefen.
Scarborough, Thomas Oliver A Deconstructionist Critique of Christian Transformational Leadership
Schott, Marilyn The Shema (Duet.6:4-9): Its significance and implications for the Twenty First Centaury Christian Family.
Sieber, David Neutestamentliche Gemeindebauprinzipien: und was man für die lokale, westeuropäische Kleingemeindearbeit im Allgemeinen daraus lernen kann/sollte.
St. Onge, Charles The Human Conscience: Divine Design Or The Nature Of Our Neurons?
Watton, John Corporate responsibility before God? An examination of the seven letters to Asia Minor in Revelation chapters 2 and 3
Weaver, Paul Andrew A Biblical Exegesis of Colossians 3:1-3 and its Significance for Christians in a Postmodern-Post Christian Era
Wheeler, Stephen Evaluating an Evangelical Universalist Interpretation of Romans 5:12–21
Alu, Fajak Avajani Angalo Towards an Integration of the Nuba Tira Traditional Spiritual Leadership with the Biblical Leadership Principles of Nehemiah
Anderson, Peter Stafford Communicating the Good News in China today: realistic expectations for foreign believers
Asewie, Bernard Amadu Towards a Model for Contextualising Christianity in the Nchumuru Culture in Ghana: The Impact of Mother Tongue Scriptures from 1989-2011
Aslett, Duane The Polemical Narure of Stephen’s Speech to the Sanhedrin in Acts 7
Asumang, Annang The Tabernacle as a Heuristic Device: The Christology of Hebrews
Atherstone, Devin Pastoral Care in a Clinical Setting: The Role Hospital Chaplaincy Plays as Part of a Broader Medical Team.
Aucamp, Casper Andrew A Survey of the Relationship Between the Principle of Liberty of Conscience and the Doctrine of Scripture in the Baptist Union
Babila-Boer, Truus Towards an Approach for Ministry to Church Members involved in Mortuary Rituals in Kejom Ketingu (North West Cameroon).
Barrachina Palau, Maria Los estilos y competencias de liderazgo en el capítulo 15 del libro de los Hechos para el contexto de la segunda década del siglo XXI en España.
Baumgarten, Kenneth J. Critiqueof the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures Treatment of Jesus Christ
Bedrossian, Ricardo (Spanish) Cómo pensar la misión de la iglesia contemporánea, a los 40 años del Pacto de Lausana, en el contexto urbano de las ciudades latinoamericanas
Black, Malcolm McPherson Sustained church planting as a primary means of fulfilling the Great Commission, with special reference to New Covenant
Boddy, Brenda An exegetical and theological analysis of Romans 8:18-30 with specific reference to the role of the Holy Spirit in intercession
Buthelezi, Jerome Sicelo A Critical Analysis of the Doctrine of Salvation in Free Evangelical Assemblies in Swaziland: A Contextualised Theology.
Cabezas Mora, Alexander El Liderazgo De Los Adolescentes Entre Los Doce y Diecisiete Años De Edad En El Desarrollo De Proyectos Sociales Cristianos
Charles, Joseph Paul Global Christianity: Trends in Mission and the Relationship with Non-Western Missionaries Working Cross-Culturally in Thailand
Coombs, Richard John The Decline in the North African Church With Reference to the State of the Church From 100 AD to 640 AD
Cooper, Bradley Aron Revival in the Desert
Cortes, Miguel El Padrenuestro como base bíblica de la missio Dei. Una respuesta teológica a la crisis socioeconómica del siglo XXI.
Curle, Neville I The Effects of Absent Fathers in Spreading HIV/AIDS and the Role of the Church in Swaziland
Diener, Walter A. iii A Biblical-Theological Critique of the Emerging Church’s Epistemology
Du Plessis, Christo Andre (Dickie) Biblical guidelines for the counselling of pastors in the Bluff area, on Divorce and Remarriage with reference to Matthew 19:1-10
Dubei, Ruben Towards an Effective Approach of Communicating Scripture for Evangelising the Oral Communities in Central Gonja, Ghana
Lugwili, Elly The Impact Of Witchcraft On The Friends Church In Lugari- Western Kenya
Gaultney, Monroe The Parallel Structure of Proverbs
Goosen, Hugh Ralph Perceiving God’s Voice: What can We Reasonably Expect to Experience when God Speaks?
Gonzalez, Trino A Missiological Strategy for the Church of The Nazarene to Reach Children in Swaziland
Gurney, Nadine Why School Leavers Abandon Church
Haase, John Martin New Wine into New Wineskins: Church Growth and Revitalisation
Harris, Randy Thomas Islam and Christianity: A Comparative Missiological Analysis
Harry, Kervin Codric Identification of Problems and Possible Solutions in Communicating the Gospel to the Saramaccan Maroons of the Upper Suriname River
Heskett, John M. Theological, Educational and Sociological Foundations of Christian Education: The Development and Implementation of a 2-Standard
Hock Siew Lee Christianity and the Postmodern Turn; A Critique of Postmodern Epistemology
Howitt, Quinton John Determining Learning Outcomes for a BTh Programme
Kasera, Basilius M The Biblical and Theological Examination of prosperity Theology and its Impact Among the Poor in Namibia
Lockard, Anna-Marie Behavioral Sciences and Christian Mission: Implications for cross-cultural ministry workers
Lockard, Anna-Marie Common Witness: A Contemporary Approach to Islam
Lockard, Anna-Marie Mission in Creative Tension: Paradigm Shifts in Relationship to Church and Mission
Majola, Phumlani Lucky A Theological Examination of Adventist Pre-Advent Investigative Judgment
Makhubele, Hasani Daniel Restoring and Involving Black Single Mothers in the Whole Church Program in the Full Gospel Church Of God In South Africa: A Case Study of District Three in the Limpopo Province
Mangwana, Mlungisi S. A Training Programme for Promoting Church Growth in the Ebenezer Baptist Church, P E, In Terms Of Schwarz’s Model of a Healthy Church
Mbugua, Johnson Ng‘Ang‘A Agikuyu Christian Martyrs: An Exploratory Study of the Faith of Selected Agikuyu Christian Martyrs During the Mau Mau Period in Kenya (1952 – 1960
McKay, Grant Evan A Biblical Theology of Community and its Relevance to Early Twenty First Century Zambia
Medley, Mark Towards a Communication Strategy for Keeping the Message of Biblical Holiness in the North Carolina Church of the Nazarene Relevant in the 21st Century
Mellish, Douglas Biblical Church Governance and the CityHill Church Network: A Comparative Study
Möller, Ruach The Doctrine of the Sufficiency of Scripture and its Implications for Biblical Counselling
Morris, Russell Alexander Towards a ministry model for promoting a Christian Lifestyle at Harvest Hills Church in Burlington, North Carolina, USA
Moyo, Derick Brown A Critical Analysis of Secularism on Individual Eschatology: Conceptual Implications for Christians in Modern Zambia
Murrey, Kennedy Kimagut A Proposed Remedy Against Barbarity of Rape in Kitale, Kenya: A Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Analysis
Mzebetshana, Mzayifani ‘Let Us Hold Fast To Our Confession’: The Role Of The Theme Of Faithfulness In The Rhetorical Strategy Employed By The Author Of The Epistle To The Hebrews To Address The Pastoral Problems Of The First Hearers
N’Diaye, Mamadou Religious Pluralism: Possibility and Limitations of a Dialogue Respectful of Biblical Christian Identity
Nandasaba Tryphosa Liyala A Determination of Effects of Stress to Pastors’ Wives on Church Ministries Performance: A Case of Bungoma South District
Nesbitt, Mariana Japanese Ancestral Practices: A Contextualised Teaching Tool on the Afterlife in the Local Church (Hibachi Theology)
Ngeh, Samuel A Strategy for Promoting the Use of the Vernacular Scriptures in the Cameroon Baptist Convention Churches in Nso’ Tribe, Cameroon: A Biblical Perspective
Njoroge, Purity Mùmbi Christ and The Church as a Paradigm for Marriage: An Evaluation of Christian Pre – Marital Counselling Programmes in Kenya
Nsanzimana, Jean Bosco (French) Responsabilite Des Pasteurs De L’eglise De Pentecote Du Rwanda Dans Le Ministere D’enseignement Biblique A La Lumiere Des Epitres Pastorales
Oforchukwu Joachim Ifezuo A Biblical and Theological Study (Analysis) of Marriage and Divorce Among Igbo Catholic Christians (Nigeria).
Omuga, Julius M The Impact of Cultural Beliefs on the Understanding of Salvation in the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church in Vihiga District, Kenya.
O’Donoghue Darrell A Biblical-Theological Analysis of Matthew 6:19-34 to Clarify The Relationship Between the Christian Disciple and Money
Phillips Mark The High View of Scripture: Reading the Synoptics and Paul
Pretorius, Wayne Leadership Styles and Personality Types
Ravasco, Gerard G Towards a Christian Pastoral Approach to Cambodian Culture
Razafindrakoto, Tovonirina A Biblical Evaluation of Pastoral Remuneration Practices of the Baptist Churches in Antananarivo, Madagascar, with Specific Reference to 1 Timothy 5:17–18
Rebuli, Leschenne Darmé The Biblical Role of the Pastor’s wife: A Case Study of Churches in Somerset West, Western Cape
Simutowe, Alice Nyirenda A Rhetorical Exegetical Study of the Warning Passage in Hebrews Chapter 6 in the light of its Old Testament Background
Soares, Amorim J La teología de la misión de C. René Padilla frente a las críticas de José Míguez Bonino y Ricardo Gondim/b>
Sullivan, Andrew Leslie A Brief, Critical History of Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa among the amaZioni of southern Africa with special reference to its relationship with the Christian Catholic Church of Zion”
Tamblyn-Watts, Adrian A critical analysis of premillennial dispensationalism’s interpretation of Daniels 70 weeks
Tembe, Matthews Mangaliso An Investigation into the Causes of Divorce Amongst the Evangelical Church Members in Namakgale Township
Tsehle, Andries Ramohlakore An Evangelical Contextual Missiological Approach to Mission Praxis in Africa: An Indigenous South African Perspective (1950 – 2005)
Tucker, Timothy A Strategy for the Development of a Sustainable Sports Ministry Using Mission Outreach Through Soccer in Selected Churches in Tshwane
van der Merwe, Jo-Anne Iris An Exegetical and Theological Study of Malachi 3:8-12 And Its Implications for Christians, with Particular Reference to Tithing
Van Rensburg, Beverley Anne Children in Crisis: Imperatives and Strategies for the Church in South Africa
Van Zyl Slabbert, Frederick A Framework for Church Leadership
Venter, Marieka W Biblical Principles For The Retention Of Officers In The Salvation Army (Southern Africa)
Verwijs-Vogel, Elisabeth H Marital Counselling in the Context of the Anglican Church of Rwanda
Warby, Paul Towards a Theology of Interactive Homiletics: An Investigation of Theological Validity
Watt Peter G. God’s Judgment Upon Egypt in Isaiah 19:1-15: It’s Probable Reasons And Some Implications for Contemporary Africa
Wiegand, Heinrich Johann A Model for Promoting Evangelism Through Sports and Recreation Ministry: Specifically the South African Dutch Reformed Church
Woods, David Jews And Gentiles In The Ecclesia: Evaluating The Theory Of Intra-Ecclesial Jew-Gentile Distinction
Woods, Nicholas Contemporary Challenges to the Gospel: Incipient Gnosticism and Johannine Teaching on the Resurrection
Yao, Serge-Armand (French) Evaluation Critique De La Conception Du « Cordon Ombilical Spirituel » Dans L’eglise Protestante Evangelique De L’alliance Chretienne Et Missionnaire De Cote D’ivoire Au Regard D’ezechiel 18
Yousaf, Aneel Discipleship Of Inadequately Trained Christian Workers In A Persecuted Society In Lahore, Pakistan
ALLABOE, Sylvain Eglise Famille de Dieu et loyauté ethnique au Bénin
Anguandia Adia Edre, Enosh Christian Nominalism within Church Membership a Case Study of the Church in the Town of Bunia in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Asumang Annang The Formation of the Disciples as Agents of Divine Power and Revelation: A Comparative Study of the Gospels According To Mark and John
Bowman, Robert The sermon at the temple in the Book of Mormon: A Critical Examination of Its Authenticity through a Comparison with the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew
Chan, Ken The Information Structure of the Book of Esther in the Septuagint
Curle, Neville I A Theological Evaluation of The Patriarchalistic Understanding of Authority and Submission in Marriage Contextualised Within the Kingdom of Swaziland
De Melo, Expedito A Igreja Como Agente De Transformação: Uma Perspectiva Bíblica E Teológica Na Pós-Modernidade E No Contexto De Brasília
De Melo, Expedito Programa Doutorado Em Teologia Prodola
de Melo Silva, Eder José A Formação de Liderança Urbana Numa Perspectiva Missional e Pastoral: Estudo de Caso de Seminário Teológico Batista Nacional,
Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil
Erdey, Zoltan Levente Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth: Its Function and Contribution to the Theme of Apocalyptic Judgment In Matthew’s Gospel
Falconer, Robert D A Theological and Biblical Examination on the Synthesis of Penal Substitution and Christus Victor Motifs: Implications for African Metaphysics
Guiteau, Chantale Victor The Role of Evangelical Churches in Combating Structural Corruption in Haiti
Guiteau, Gérald La mission intégrale des églises pentecôtistes
dans le contexte haïtien influencé par les traditions du vaudou: Cas de l’Eglise de Dieu
Haase, John Martin Postmodernity, Impact and Implications
Howell, Timothy Dale Examining the Jewish Origins Employed in the Matthean Beatitudes through Literary Analysis and Speech Act Theory
Huovila, Kimmo The contribution of the theme of divine judgment to the argument of the book of Ecclesiastes
Hunter, Claire Living Together In The Community: The Contemporary Significance Of First John To Kom Baptist Church
Larson, Kelly A Biblical and Theological Examination of Permissible Division in Koinōnia
Lockard, Anna-Marie A Critical Examination of the Role of the South African Evangelical Church in the African Renaissance
Makidon, Michael Echoes Of The Fourth Gospel’s Theology Of The Nature Of Christ In The Valentinian Sources From The Nag Hammadi Library
Mbugua, Johnson. A study to formulate a model for Agikuyu Christian funeral rites that would integrate relevant cultural, scriptural and practical norms
Meekins, Darryl J. Shaping the Future: Towards the paradigm of “socio-spiritual synergy” in the development of effective leaders through theological education…
Morris, Russell Alexander A Biblical and Theological Analysis of Specific Tenets of Word of Faith Theology: Pastoral Implications for the Church Of God
Mount, Thomas Existential Dimensions of the Contemporary Impassibility Debate: A Pastoral Approach to the Question of Divine Suffering within the Context of Conservative Evangelicalism.
Ndiaye Mamadou An investigation into Pauline Church leadership and ministry towards a reduction of the clergy/laity gap in a West African Sahelian context
Ndhlovu, Gabriel The Existential, Event-Oriented, Ideological (EEI) Justification Model in Christian Epistemology in Post-apartheid Urban South Africa.
Nxumalo, Nkosenhle An Examination Of The Dynamism Between Church Growth And A Vibrant Sunday School Programme: A Case Study Of Nine Protestant Churches In Manzini, Swaziland
Oforchukwu, Joachim Ifezuo A Theological and Biblical Appraisal of Ozo Title Taking and Its Implications for Current Leadership Issues in Igbo Catholic Church (Nigeria)
Parks, Clayton A Comparative Study of the practices of the Mystics Sadhu Sundar Singh and the Desert Fathers and the implications of appropriating Christian Mystic practices in the Church today
Piragine Jr., Paschoal Characteristics of a Relevant Church Confronting the Missionary Needs In the City of Curitiba, Brazil.
Powers, B Ward The Progressive Publication of Matthew: An Explanation of the Writing of the Synoptic Gospels
Smith, Kevin Gary Bible Translation and Relevance Theory: The Translation of Titus
Smith, Kevin Gary The Redactional Criteria and Objectives Underlying the Arrangement of Psalms 3-8
Tucker, Arthur Roger An Investigation of The Development of the Cell Church Concept in The Western Cape
Vallejo, Rafael Faith Perspectives of Mexican Migrant Farm Workers in Canada
Watson, Elbert Elliott Toward Transformational Leadership Development In The Local Church: A Synthesis Of Insights From Instructional Design, Adult Learning Theory, The New Testament, And Organizational Research
van Rensburg, Reuben David Tithes And Offerings In The South African Context
Woldegebrial, Esckinder Christological Conceptions within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhado Church (EOTC) and the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches (EEC): Possible Christological-Soteriological Unity between the EOTC-EEC
Yamoah, James A Multi-disciplinary Study of Deuteronomy 23:12-14