We have received accreditation for a Master of Divinity programme. This is a two-year professional master’s degree designed for pastors. Since it does not require a prior degree in theology, it is the ideal gateway into advanced theological and ministerial training for second-career pastors. As with all SATS offerings, the MDiv is 100 per cent online, affording busy pastors and leaders the opportunity to receive high-level training within their ministry context.

We are waiting for the authorities to finalise a few administrative processes, after which we can launch the programme. We hope to launch in May 2020. If the DHET does not furnish our Certificate of Registration in time, the launch will only take place in August 2020.

The SATS MDiv will be a 240-credit degree, consisting of 180 credits of coursework and a 60-credit capstone project. To register for the MDiv, you need an accredited four-year degree or equivalent with above-average grades. In South Africa, this means a qualification on NQF level 8 with an average of at least 60 per cent. For foreign applicants, we calculate equivalents on a case-by-case basis. You do not need to have any prior studies in theology. Your degree can be in English, Engineering, Education, or any other academic discipline. If you have a three-year degree (NQF 7 in South Africa), we will allow you to do one year of bridging work to gain access to the MDiv.

For more information, please contact elsie@sats.edu.za


* Two additional electives must be completed from any of the above mentioned fields of study after completing the compulsory subjects!

Complete our online application form, or contact us.