Estimate how much your programme will cost you

Application and Enrolment Fees

United States
Application Fee (Once-off) $61
Enrolment Fee (Once-off) $234

BTh Courses

United States
Theology Courses 12 Credits $323
Counselling Courses 12 Credits $343

BTh Honours Courses

United States
12 credit courses $407
24 credit courses $815

Certificate Courses

United States
HCCC $343
HCCL $323

MDiv Programme

United States
12 Credit Courses $327
Thesis (60 credits) $2 000

MTh and PhD Phases

United States
Fee per Phase $1 169
United States
Fee per Phase $3 096

Other Services

United States
RPL Fee (Once-off) $290
Re-assessment Fee* $50
Special Letters $18
Official Transcripts $42
Re-activation Fee $50

*If you are not satisfied with the mark awarded by one of your assessors, you are welcome to request a reassessment