Credits transferred from accredited institutions:
Credits for life experience:
Credits for work at non-accredited institutions:
Second Recognition of Prior Learning Fee*

*This only occurs when a student accrues additional Prior Learning credits while studying.

No Charge
South Africa R37;   Majority World $3;   Elsewhere  $7  per credit
South Africa R37;   Majority World $3;   Elsewhere $7  per credit
South Africa R230; Majority World $19; Elsewhere $25  per credit

Full price, if you submit the assessment tasks. Half price, if you choose not to do the assessment tasks.

If you are not satisfied with the mark awarded by one of your assessors, you are welcome to request a re-assessment at a fee of:
South Africa R342; Majority World $29; Elsewhere $42.

If you want to change your curriculum at any stage: South Africa R96; Majority World $9; Elsewhere $15.

If you ask the Seminary to write a special letter on your behalf, e.g., confirming that you are enrolled as a student with SATS,
South Africa R86; Majority World $7; Elsewhere $15.

On graduation, you will receive a copy of your official transcript free of charge. A fee will be charged for subsequent copies.
South Africa R129; Majority World $11; Elsewhere $35.

When you graduate, a selection of  your work has to be sent for external moderation and the fee for this is:
South Africa R321; Majority World $27; Elsewhere $43.

Dormant students who wish to reactivate their enrolment.
South Africa R321; Majority World $27; Elsewhere $43.

If for some reason you elect to cancel your enrolment or withdraw from the programme, no refunds will be given.

For further information about our pricing please contact the Registrars:
Undergraduate Registrar,  Jane Meyer at ,  Postgraduate Registrar, Marilyn Schott at  or Partnerships Registrar, Hugh Goosen at