Pre-tertiary Options

Pre-tertiary or Secondary options for further theological studies with the South African Theological Seminary

Pre-tertiary or secondary simply means the level of learning which takes place before university.

To enrol in a tertiary (or university) programme, you would need a school-leaving certificate, which would open the door to all sorts of possibilities for further study. If you received a qualification after you left school, you can send your transcript to Sharon, our Enrolments Officer, to evaluate it – sharon@sats.edu.za

If for some reason, you never had the opportunity to finish your school programme, or are not in possession of a school-leaving certificate, you are still able to study by completing single courses. If you enjoy studying this way, you can accumulate credits which could potentially help you attain admission to a full tertiary programme. Speak to our Enrolments Officer, Sharon, at +27 11 234 4440 or email her sharon@sats.edu.za to discuss your study options.


Crossroads, a non-academic foundational discipleship programme

If you don’t want to complete a university study programme but still wish to undertake some theology studies, we also offer a full pre-tertiary (secondary) programme called Crossroads; which you can complete either online or in a group environment. The way your material is delivered will depend on whether you choose the online or group option.

Crossroads is a well-designed 1 or 2-year programme to introduce you to a solid biblical foundation. It requires between 3-4 hours of study per week. There are 3 courses in each term and there are 3 terms in a 12 month period. You may enrol at any time for this programme.

The cost is R1 150 per person per year for the full 2-year programme. No additional fees are levied, although fees are reviewed in January each year.

You can speak to Jill about this programme at +27 11 234 4440 or email her: crossroads@sats.edu.za