Postgraduate School


Our focus is on people who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, who love and respect the Bible as God’s word, are involved in advancing His kingdom through practical ministry and have a desire to develop these commitments further.

SATS offers biblically based, academically rigorous, and practically relevant programmes. Like Hugh of St. Vincent, we believe education is the pursuit of wisdom and virtue, both of which are ultimately found in Christ through friendship with God. We design our programmes and our courses with the dual ambition of being both informative and transformative. We strive to engage the text and the context, the Word and the world in ways that are God-glorifying and missional.

SATS is known for providing rich online learning experiences. Our MySats platform affords our students a world-class portal for e-learning, connecting you to your study materials, fellow students, course facilitator, library holdings, and assessment tasks. We aim to take the distance out of distance education by automating processes that can and should be instant, freeing our staff to offer fast and friendly service where the personal touch is needed.

We serve people who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, who love and respect the Word of God, and dedicate their lives to advancing the kingdom of God through practical ministry. Like Pierre de la Ramée, we believe that theology is ‘the doctrine of living well for God’.

Since all our teaching-and-learning takes place online, you will need regular, personal access to the Internet. SATS courses can be completed on a smartphone or a tablet, but a personal computer is desirable for writing longer essays.


When you study the prices, please bear the following in mind:

  1. Total cost. Our prices constitute the total cost of the programme. There are no hidden costs, since there is no required travel, no cost for accommodation, and almost no textbooks that you are required to purchase. For most tertiary programmes, the costs of travel, accommodation, and textbooks far surpass the cost of tuition.
  2. Discounts. In our undergraduate programmes, we offer a 15 per cent discount for bulk orders of four or more courses.
  3. Pay per course. You only need to pay for the courses or phases that you are taking, which means that the total cost of your studies is spread over the duration of your study programme.
  4. No refunds. If for some reason you elect to cancel your enrolment in a course or withdraw from your study programme, no refunds will be given.

Your Course, Your Time, Your Pace