Postgraduate School



Our Postgraduate School is committed to providing exciting opportunities for advanced theological studies. A competent team of full-time staff members and associates, specialising in various fields of scholarship, serves an ever-growing number of  postgraduate students from all over the world.

Our focus is on people who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, who love and respect the Bible as God’s word, are involved in advancing His kingdom through practical ministry and have a desire to develop these commitments further.

In order to be accepted into our programmes, applicants must:

  • have completed a first degree from a recognised tertiary institution
  • have completed at least a basic level of theological training
  • preferably have experience in Christian ministry
  • agree to work with the SATS ethos and core value
  • have a good command of English
  • Have regular access to the Internet

Applicants who have not studied with SATS before will first go through a preparatory programme that will:

  • Acquaint them with SATS, its values and mode of operation
  • Ensure that they have a solid foundation for further studies
  • Determine which study programme is best suited for their needs
  • Identify a research concept (research programmes only)

The preparatory programme is done in direct conversation (Internet, phone and email or personal meeting). Where the process reveals that applicants need to do abridging courses, these will be done at the normal fees.

There are no hidden costs associated with our postgraduate programme fees. The prices quoted cover all tuition costs. There are no travel costs incurred as all learning is accomplished online.

There is no application fee for any postgraduate programme. Payment is made at the beginning of each course or phase. Students will incur additional fees should they be unable to complete a course or phase by the stipulated due date. Fees are increased annually in January.

We offer the following programmes in our Postgraduate School:

Bachelor of Theology Honours
The BTh Honours builds on a first degree in theology and provides the platform for the MTh. For those not familiar with Honours degrees. It may help to see this as the first part of a MTh degree. It consists of two 12 credit courses and four 24 credit courses, giving a total of 120 credits (approximately 30 US credits).

Master of Theology

The MTh provides the opportunity for advanced studies in the candidate’s field of choice. The programme is offered in two formats – Full thesis and Coursework.

Doctor of Philosophy (in Theology)

The PhD is a full research programme that offers candidates the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on their topic of choice. Candidates work under supervision of senior academics who specialise in their particular fields of study.

Distance learning can be defined as learning which takes place remotely, and in our case, online.

20th Anniversary Scholarship Offer

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, we are offering a one-off PhD scholarship worth over US$12000. The successful applicant will be required to conduct research and produce a doctoral dissertation on some aspect of Islam. In addition to the minimum entry requirement of a relevant Master’s degree from an accredited institution, you will need to have an exceptional academic record, as well as an in-depth prior knowledge of and/or engagement with Islam. A working knowledge of Arabic would be an advantage.

The closing date for applications is 30th June and the winner will be announced at the Islam conference on 5th October 2016. Should a suitable candidate not be found, the South African Theological Seminary reserves the right not make the award. read more.

If you would like to be considered for this scholarship, kindly complete this application form and email it to the Registrar of the Postgraduate school, Marilyn Schott at