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In the last six years, twenty-five students have graduated with our PhD degrees. Of these, five graduated on 10 May 2014. One of them was a South African, and he is currently in ministry in Kenya. The other four come from Paraguay, Switzerland, Mali and an American living in South Africa. Unfortunately only Dr N’Diaye (from Mali), was able to attend the ceremony.
More than half of this year’s 17 Masters graduates come from other countries, which included Syria, Romania, Britain, USA, Argentina, Norway, Zambia, Kenya and Ethiopia. We look forward to more MTh and PhD candidates graduating next year (see note below).

MTh and PhD Submissions
MTh and PhD students wanting to attend the 2015 Graduation must aim to submit their research theses to Leschenne no later than the 30th November. We cannot guarantee that students will graduate if their final marks and documents are not received by 10 January 2015. The final date for the graduation is yet to be confirmed, but it is likely to be the 18th April 2015.

Dr Pretorius attends ESSSAT Conference
Dr Mark Pretorius recently attended the bi-annual European Society for the Study of Science and Theology (ESSSAT) conference in Italy. He presented a paper titled “The Role of Religious Experience vis-a-vis Religious Belief in Improving Mental Health”. The paper particularly deals with the issue of Psychoneuro-immunology (the effect of the mind on health and its resistance to disease at the genetic level).
We are pleased with the news that Dr Pretorius’ paper has been selected to appear in the ESSSAT yearbook commemorating the conference.

JSTOR now has a collection of 23000 e-books (mainly older books in public domain). Part of this is a small, but growing Religion Collection. SATS students have access to JSTOR via their MySats.
Jerusalem Perspective (JP) is a scholarly institution which focuses its research on the Synoptic Gospels. JP researchers maintain that much of the content of the Synoptics is derived from an earlier source written in Hebrew. This leads to profound insights into these Gospels, some of which are difficult to interpret otherwise. Bible translators have free membership and student memberships start at US$20 per year. See

Exciting news is that the BTh (Honours) programme is now available in French. This programme presents an opportunity for French speaking ministers who hold a three year undergraduate degree in Theology to take up postgraduate studies.
The French BTh (Honours) is the latest addition to the existing postgraduate offerings of MTh-Thesis and PhD.
If you would like more information about the Honours programme, please contact:
For all other postgraduate enrolment information please contact:

The Pretoria Missions Fest takes place on 5 & 6 September.

A dedicated platform for Postgraduate (PG) students and faculty members has recently been launched. It is intended that this internet-based facility should support the learning process for the Postgraduate team. More than just another website, it is a meeting place for both supervisors and students, as well as a workplace with a large private repository where the student is encouraged to store his/her study related work. This feature provides safe storage of work, avoiding the horrors or lost/stolen material. The repository is accessible to students anywhere in the world, so it is travel friendly too!

As a meeting place the platform provides opportunities for both students and facilitators to connect and meet in a more personal way, enriching each other through forum discussions and social connections.

How are you experiencing the dedicated Postgraduate website?
Have you been able to create a circle of contacts and also keep track of your study schedule, collaborate with senior academics and have easier access to resources?
Please send your feedback to

PhD recipient Mamadou N’Diaye from Mali with our Projects Director, Jenny Mason
THESIS TITLE: An investigation into Pauline Church leadership and ministry towards a reduction of the clergy/laity gap in a West African Sahelian context. (Supervisor: Dr William Domeris)

Recently two SATS academics have introduced two new theological research models. In our striving to always be investigating new learning methodologies as well as processes that impact the way we deliver courses. Out of this Dr Kevin Smith (Vice-Principal) has introduced ‘The model of Integrated Theology’ from an evangelical perspective. Click Here to see a slide-show summary of this model, or here to purchase Dr Smith’s book on this model.

Dr Noel Woodbridge (Senior Academic) has introduced the EDNA model for doing research in Practical Theology from a Biblical perspective. A recent article in CONSPECTUS can be seen here.
We are proud of the ground-breaking work done by these and other academics at our seminary.

NEW APPOINTMENT: Pieter Labuschagne
It is a privilege to have Pieter Labuschagne join our Postgraduate team of supervisors for French-speaking students. He will assist students through the initial stages of their research and will serve generally as a French-speaking academic consultant to our growing number of Postgraduate French Students.

Pieter has been involved with Bible Training, Church Planting and Leadership development for many years. Currently he serves as Manager for the Indian Ocean Islands for SIM (Serving in Mission) developing training programmes and strengthening leaders on the islands. See him in the picture below (on left) meeting with Dr Johannes Malherbe.

Pieter Labuschagne

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