Postgraduate Newsletter August 2013


August 2013


As you know, we are on our way to acquiring our own building, giving us permanence and room to grow. We are wondering whether you, our students, would care to partner with us in this venture by doing one or two simple things for us?

1. Donate R127 ($13) a month. (SATS being an NPO, South Africans will receive 40% back from the taxman, which means you will only be giving R75 per month!).

2. If you feel comfortable, ask two other people you know to invest in the Kingdom by also giving the same amount, and, if they feel led, to ask two others, and so on.

Even if you do not do the second step, your R127 ($13) per month will help us greatly in our efforts.

The best way to do this is by debit order or a Repeat EFT payment to the following account:

Name: South African Theological Seminary
Name of Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Fourways View Shopping Centre
Branch Code: 251655
Account: 51321182366

If you are outside of South Africa, please pay via scheduled credit card payments at

NOTE: Please mark all payments “Building”.


Publications on African Childhood

The Indaba project, part of SATS’ commitment to the rising generation, aims to build an extensive bibliography of articles published since 2000 on aspects of African childhood.

According to the project designer, Johannes Malherbe, and primary researcher Jan Grobbelaar, this project will stimulate and disseminate research in children’s ministry on the African continent.

Various types of publications are considered, including books, articles, reports, theses, dissertations, lectures and presentations.

Special attention is given to the voices of children up to the age of 18 years, as well as to studies of their situations, relationships, experiences, growth and formative influences on their lives. The project is particularly interested in the nature and place of faith formation in African childhood. The bibliography will eventually be published online as a service to all who want to enhance their interaction with children – in Africa and beyond. Anyone with suitable material – whether formally published or not – is welcome to send details to Jan Grobbelaar at

MTh and PhD Submissions
MTh and PhD students wanting to attend the 2014 Graduation must aim to submit their research theses to Leschenne no later than the 30th November. We cannot guarantee that students will graduate if their final marks and documents are not received by 10 January 2014.

The official Graduation ceremony will take place on the 10th May 2014.

Book Reviews and Articles

Our website carries a number of book reviews and articles. We recently added an article written by one of our academics, Rev. Vernon E. Light. To read the article, “The Way to Peace in Times of Violence”, click HERE or find it on

Taking the Distance out of Distance Learning

SATS is excited to announce the imminent launch of a highly interactive and innovative learning experience for the Postgraduate School. We believe this new endeavour will engender a closer working relationship between students, administration staff and supervisors whilst creating a sense of student camaraderie not experienced by our postgrads till now.

We plan to launch the dedicated page on our website for the Postgraduate School in September 2013, where students will be able to create their personal study space and a circle of connections. Using this they can collaborate with senior academics, facilitators and fellow students. Access to projects and resources will be simple and fast.

Faculty Highlight
Supervisor: Dr. Jan Grobbelaar D.Th.

J Grobbelaar

Jan obtained his D.Th. in practical Theology from the University of Stellenbosch in 2008. His thesis focused on ministry to primary school children in and through the congregation as an inter-generational space, with a framework of Children & Child Theology. Additional to being involved in Children’s Ministry issues, Jan has also been a lecturer (White River) and Principal (W. Cape) of Petra College.
He later became involved as a Lecturer and Supervisor of Postgraduate studies at University of Stellenbosch. He has been involved in numerous international conferences and consultations around his speciality: Children’s Ministry and the creation of churches where children are welcome.
Jan is currently serving as a supervisor to SATS Postgraduates, concurrent with his duties at University of Stellebosch and his various ministries.



“Truth is the Word“: Restoring a lost focus
By Dr Christopher Peppler

SATS founder and Chairman Dr Christopher Peppler is passionate about Jesus
and the need to focus on Him as the centre of all Church and Christian life.

In this revised edition, the author makes the case for Jesus as the key to scriptural interpretation covering vital issues facing the church and Christians today.

Peppler Book

The book sets out to restore a Jesus-centred perspective of the Bible and Truth in a world of questions and debates.

A book for our time, ‘Truth is the Word’ is published by the South African Theological Seminary Press and is available on all major e-book platforms such as Kindle, Nook, and ibook as well as in print.

Price: R120 Order from:

“A Pauline Theology of the Holy Spirit in Covenant and Sonship Volume II”
By Dr Mark Pretorius

This is the second volume of an examination of the person and work of the Holy Spirit, particularly in the redemptive plan of God for His people. This volume deals with the central theme of Paul’s theology, especially his theology on how the Spirit establishes a covenant of adoption between believers and God.

Pretorius Vol 2
It is a theme that seems to flow naturally out of Paul’s references to God as Father and believers as sons and daughters. Therefore, according to Paul, the believer through spiritual adoption has passed from death to life, from darkness to light, and in this new relationship, believers obedience to God secures the benefits of adoption.

Price: R120 plus postage Order from:

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