Pneumatix Namibia

A word from the Crossroads Presenter for Pneumatix Namibia:

“Crossroads” touches on almost every major area theologically, thus making it a very comprehensive study guide. To give an idea, it ranges from assurance of salvation and the salvation process and -work of our Lord Jesus Christ, through to topics such as: The use and Abuse of Spiritual Gifts; Evolution: Faith, Foe, Fiction; Your Role in His Plan; Leading God’s Way; worldviews, Spiritual Warfare, and different kinds and ways of Bible study, just to name a few. The work load of the course is minimal. The most of the work load consists of reading the material and making it your own, yet also provides slideshows and handouts that needs filling in to test and solidify your new knowledge. Time is the only enemy. The more time you spend in it, the more you get.

The material is plain and very straight forward, making it easy for study and presentation. This I guess is also the great danger of “Crossroads”; the foundational knowledge is handed to you on a silver platter. Thus making it easy to swallow, but for knowledge to become true wisdom, experience, questions, testing and the revelation of the Holy Spirit is needed in an increasing manner. At some point in the course the conclusion to the topic is actually left open-ended, left without a direct answer, only the questions to be considered. This in itself showed me that the material was intended to portray truth and not some force fed theology that makes me fit in. An extreme positive in the course for me, is the fact that both truth and lie is portrayed in most topics, and then these two are analysed and the differences is revealed This brings understanding and not just knowledge. I must admit, the best part of class with the students is always the part where some disagree. Only in such cases can one learn.

On a personal note, I finished my B-Th degree before I ever touched “Crossroads.” It should’ve been the other way around, because it lays the foundation and makes a fondness for study grow on the inside. I would use this course in a group setup most of the time but for the sole purpose of allowing the debate and differences to help shape your understanding and insight. I would encourage anyone to make use of this great course, it allows you the opportunity to be stretched in your capacity as a child of Christ, to be introduced to more than just the norm, to truly be able to live and lead as God intends.

Eugene Ellis

From the Students:

The Crossroads course lays out basic principles that everyone should know. It has a way of breaking open valuable things about God and it gives you the perspective you need to flourish in God’s ways. (Eloise Reinhardt) It gave me clarity about Biblical principles and blew my box I had about God and Christianity. (Jarike Slabbert) It gives you a wider perspective. (J.W Prinsloo ) Crossroads opened my mind and my heart to seek God’s face in a more intimate way. It widened my view of God’s unconditional, unfailing love, grace, mercy and sovereignty. A lot of questions in my heart were answered through crossroads and a lot of grey areas in my life I could sort out by the knowledge I received from this course. (Quinita Botes)

Crossroads is truly a fulfilled course.

Pneumatix Namibia