Featured Videos

Featured Videos

The State of the Seminary Address

Dr Manfred Kohl – The Seminary of Jesus Christ

Shoadi Ditaunyane (Student Speaker) – SATS Graduation 2018

Dr Manfred Kohl – What the Good Samaritan teaches us about Missions

Dr Manfred Kohl – Lessons from the Early Church

Barbara Kohl – Sexuality and the Church – Sins of Omission and Commission

Barbara Kohl – Discipling Teens in the Sexuality


by Dr Bill Domeris (presented at the 2015 Academic Retreat)

by Dr Marcia Bunge (a seminar presented at SATS in 2014)

by Dr Kevin Smith (presented at GWC in 2013)

by Dr Annang Asumang (presented the 2016 Academic Retreat)

by Dr Annang Asumang (a series of lectures presented at SATS in 2016)

by Dr Mark Durie (a seminar presented to the SATS faculty in 2016)