MIS3125 Islam

MIS3125 Islam

Course Description

Why Study Islam?

With an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims, Islam is the world’s second largest religion. Experts forecast that it will become the largest religion during this century. If you do not already live amongst muslims, the chances are that you soon will. You need to understand their faith and their mission. If you want to carry out Christ’s commission to make disciples of all nations, you need to engage Muslims with the gospel.

The life and teaching of Muhammad lie at the heart of Islam. What kind of man was Muhammad? You cannot understand Islam unless you understand Muhammad. You cannot make sense of the conduct of contemporary Muslims until you understand how their beliefs and acts are anchored in the example of Muhammad. This course provides an in-depth introduction to Muhammad.

The Western media mostly casts Islam in the role of “a religion of peace” and characterises terrorists as traitors to the peaceful essence of Islam. Robert Spencer, by contrast, claims that there are millions of moderate Muslims, but no such thing as moderate Islam. The course engages in some depth with this critical issue.

Course Outcomes

What We Teach About Islam
The objective of this course is to equip and empower Christians and church leaders to understand Islam and Islamisation, responding to Islam and engaging Muslims in ways that are faithful to Christ’s values and mission.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of the origin, history, writings, doctrine, and structure of Islam.
  • Critique the claim that Yahweh and Allah are the same God.
  • Compare and contrast the character and role of Muhammad (the founder of Islam) with that of Jesus Christ (the founder of Christianity).
  • Compare and contrast the missional objectives and strategies of Islam with those of Christianity.
  • Formulate a biblical and practical response to Islamization in your context.
  • Critique methods and models of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims.