Call for papers

Over the last century, Johannine scholarship has seen the emergence of themes, hypotheses, and methodologies that continue to shape discussions about the Fourth Gospel in the academy and the church. The latter half of the twentieth century marked a renewed interest and appreciation for the text and its literary and rhetorical message. Recently, the affirmation of John’s historical reliability and relevance has propelled Johannine studies forward. In addition, the Gospel of John presents a unique view of Jesus—the Logos, Messiah, Son of God, and Son of Man. These various strands and their underlining themes, compel hearers and readers towards a confessional injunction (John 20:31).

In this e-Conference, SATS invites participants to study the central figure of the Gospel in light of the growing number of questions emanating from various contexts—ancient and contemporary. Foregrounding the Global South, we invite contributors to listen to the Gospel and to hear again what John has to say to the church, the academy, and society in a world gripped by a pandemic, political and social upheaval, and growing polarization.

SATS is inviting biblical scholars and Christian practitioners to join us from 17–18 March 2021 as we explore the Fourth Gospel, its central character, rich landscape, and life-giving message.

Possible areas to explore include:

  • Christology in/of the Gospel of John
  • characterization(s) of Jesus in the Gospel of John
  • contextual and exegetical insights on key texts in the Gospel of John
  • the Gospel of John in its literary and historical contexts
  • reception of the Gospel of John—ancient and contemporary
  • the Gospel John in African public theological discourse
  • interdisciplinary approaches that engage the Johannine text

All submissions will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. The decision of the Selection Committee is final, and the Committee is not obligated to provide any explanation for their ruling. Papers presented will be considered for publication in Conspectus, the journal of the South African Theological Seminary.

Student Papers

The conference will also feature select student papers in parallel sessions. These sessions will showcase emerging researchers at Master’s and Doctoral levels, including recent PhD graduates from SATS and elsewhere. Post-graduate students and recent graduates are therefore encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration.

Contact Persons

Please direct any questions to Dr. Cornelia van Deventer and Mr. Izaak Connoway.


17th Mar 2021 - 18th Mar 2021 7:11am - 7:11am


Keynote Address
Prof Paul N. Anderson (George Fox University)

Prof Elizabeth Mburu (PACU, Langham, NWU)
Dr Annang Asumang (South African Theological Seminary)