The high point of a student’s many years of study is the graduation ceremony, and even though the South African Theological Seminary is a distance learning institution, we still host an annual graduation ceremony. Each year we carefully select a speaker to speak on a topic that will inspire our graduands to effectively implement their learning in some form, either through ongoing or
first time ministry.

We encourage family members to join our graduands for the ceremony as this is a day of great celebration; they have spent many years sacrificing their time in completing their studies and this is a moment of recognition of their achievement.

We also encourage or students to continue their relationship with SATS after they have graduated either as assessors, mentors or volunteers working with the staff of the Seminary. We invite all our graduates to join the SATS Alumni Association which facilitates this on-going relationship. Contact:

Students who have completed all their courses by January 2016 are eligible to graduate on 18 April 2016.. Contact:


Graduation Speech 21 April 2012 by Dr Reuben van Rensburg

Ladies and gentlemen It is always a very special privilege for me to present the “State of the Seminary” address at the Graduation Ceremony each year. The past 12 months have been characterised by a number of exciting developments, a few of which I would like to outline briefly: God has again faithfully provided for us during the past twelve months and enabled us to end the financial year with a surplus. Unlike many seminaries in Africa which rely heavily on donor funding to pay up to 90% of a student’s fee in some cases, our model relies solely on moneys raised from student fees to pay all our bills. In exceptional cases we have approached foundations to assist us with large projects, but of course when one does that there is no guarantee that they will respond favourably… read the whole speech.

Address to graduates at the 2012 Graduation ceremony of the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) by Dr Christopher Peppler, Founder and Chairman of the board.

If I asked you why you enrolled with SATS in the first place most of you would mention such things as; the convenience of being able to study at a distance, the excellent quality of the accreditation, or the fine curriculum and coursework. Some might even mention the fact that the academic faculty are so good looking. However, most of you would probably say that it was because we are theologically evangelical. When SATS was founded, it was clear what the word ‘evangelical’ meant, but recently it has become so broadly defined that it no longer means what it used to. It no longer adequately defines our theological blood type. However, if you look at our website you will see that we define ourselves with the words; ‘We are Bible-based, Christ-centred, Spirit-led, distance and online learning specialists, accredited to the PhD level… read the whole speech.

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