The high point of a student’s many years of study is the graduation ceremony, and even though the South African Theological Seminary is a distance learning institution, we still host an annual graduation ceremony. Each year we carefully select a speaker to speak on a topic that will inspire our graduands to effectively implement their learning in some form, either through ongoing or first time ministry.
We encourage family members to join our graduands for the ceremony, as this is a day of great celebration; they have spent many years sacrificing their time in completing their studies and this is the occasion to recognise their achievement.

We also encourage our students to continue their relationship with SATS after they have graduated; either as assessors, mentors or volunteers working with the staff of the Seminary. We invite all our graduates to join the SATS Alumni Association which facilitates this on-going relationship. Contact details for Graduation administration:   phone 011 234 4440.
Students who complete all their courses by January 2018, are eligible to graduate on 14 April 2018.

Graduation Speech Videos - 2015

Graduate Endorsements

This is what some of our graduates have said about their study journey with SATS.


Lawrence Khumalo Felix Kantonda Anna Grobler Hugh Goosen Tertius W Zimmermann
The learning experience I received from SATS was a tremendous spiritual directive… Read More It was beyond my expectation to encounter such a impressive academic standard… Read More Our behaviour patterns and lifestyles reveal much about our theology, because best theology… Read More I often find myself pondering the reasons why people believe the things they do… Read More At SATS I have encountered a dedicated team that is living a life worthy of their calling (Eph. 4:1)… Read More
Frankie Burgoyn Russell Morris Benson Makokha
I hadn’t studied at this level for a number of years and wasn’t so sure if I’d manage… Read More I am well pleased with the continual positive developments at SATS… Read More Benson Makokha a Masters graduate at the SATS Seminary had the following to say … Read More