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Read What Our Graduates Have to Say About Study at SATS


The learning experience I received from SATS was a tremendous impartation and spiritual directive, with studies that fulfill our God’s destiny even with distance learning SATS is a formative influence in my work and is my forte.      – Lawrence Khumalo
It was beyond my expectation to encounter such a impressive academic standard. I thought that since the studies are about God’s business, only theological knowledge matters. I personally learnt a lot. My academic thinking has grown and my theological knowledge enriched. This encourages me to further my studies at SATS and I will not be ashamed to have a doctorate degree from this institution. SATS is the 21st century God’s gift to Africa.      – Felix Kantonda
Our behaviour patterns and lifestyles reveal much about our theology, because best theology proves itself. Just as our beliefs as true Christians set us apart from worldly philosophies and false doctrines, so our behaviour should distinguish us from the rest of the world. Therefore, SATS is a great place to study best theology. My husband and I both studied at the seminary and my husband continued with his studies at SATS. We really enjoyed theflexibility of their distance education program, and we have found their study materials both sound and comprehensive!- Anna Grobler BTh (3 years)
I often find myself pondering the reasons why people believe the things they do. While much can be said for life experience, circumstance and a desire and capacity for self-study, self-growth and self-determination, the most obvious conclusion is that human beings are very susceptible to conditioning. Children born to Christian families will often retain their Christian values and denominational preference as adults. A pious Muslim is no different from a devout Christian in that they will both go to the grave asserting that what they believe is absolute truth. Religious rituals that are agreeable to and eagerly practiced by proponents of some Eastern religions are considered outrageous and inscrutable by those of us who have grown up in Western civilization. We are currently living within the Information Age and there can no longer be any excuse for ignorance (Romans 1:18-32). Moreover, there is no reason why Christians should have to passively accept the dogma associated with any given denomination. This is the advantage of studying through SATS: one is encouraged to consult a wide range of sources and formulate one’s own conclusions based upon the truth of Scripture.      –
Hugh Goosen BTh (4 years)
At SATS I have encountered a dedicated team that is living a life worthy of their calling (Ephesians 4:1).  They have equipped me through a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-led education. I found the accommodating nature of the training team and flexibility of the program, which allowed me to study while serving in a fulltime ministry, of great value.  May SATS, all prospect and present students be blessed – living a life worthy of the calling they have received.      – Tertius W Zimmermann
Benson Makokha a Masters graduate at the Seminary had the following to say: The learning experience gained from SATS was the quality one.      – Benson Makokha
I’ve really been blessed, revived and motivated through my SATS learning experience. I hadn’t studied at this level for a number of years and wasn’t so sure if I’d manage at my age, but I found the experience exciting and challenging at the same time. I was thrilled to find an institution that supports my evangelical background, but with sound doctrine as well. I’ve always found the staff most helpful and friendly. Thank you SATS.      -Frankie Burgoyn
I am well pleased with the continual positive developments at SATS. It was a privilege to earn the SATS MTh in 2008 under Dr. Woodbridge’s supervision.      – Russell Morris
Studying at SATS has been the best thing I have started and am doing!! I cannot put into words how the studying is fulfilling me, helping me and encouraging me, God just knew!      – Alice Teipel
Thanks so much for your genuine Christian encouragement. Even though I am only one it makes a big difference to me.      – Ted Beckerleg


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