General Newsletter June 2013


24 June 2013

Expanding our Teaching Methodologies

Last week SATS sent Dr Kevin Smith to the ION (International Orality Network) consultations in Hong Kong. On a world-wide basis oral learners probably far outnumber literary-based learners, yet recognition is given only to literary learning in most cultures. Some teachers in the West would even agree that teens and young adults today also fall into the non-literary category. The ION is looking at how the communication explosion of our era presents extraordinary opportunities for oral communication and greater educational efficiency and effectiveness.

Discussions focused on addressing these issues in theological education: discipling oral learners, using Bible Storying for training pastors, and even the use of ethnic music combined with storying, and much more. Dr Smith returned with the following observations: “I am challenged most by the claim that stories shape people’s beliefs, values, and attitudes more than any other force, and certainly more than propositional-based teachings. If this claim is valid, we need to reclaim the lost art of story-telling. It is certain that the discipleship methods of the early church were not grounded in scroll-studies, but in telling and exploring the great stories of the Bible, especially the stories about the Lord Jesus Christ”. We at SATS want to learn more about this and explore the implications it has for learning in the contexts into which SATS is expanding. Truly an exciting adventure!

What is the 4-14 Window?

If you are still aksing yourself this question you need to watch the YouTube video “This Changes Everything” which is easily found by clicking HERE.


Jesus Discipleship Experience (JDx)

This year’s JDx will be in Cape Town, 6-13 July and spear-headed by Floyd McClung. It is a one week seminar to equip disciple makers and empower local churches to be disciple communities. Ps Ken Primrose (USA) will focus on the role of the Holy Spirit in disciple making and Floyd will teach on the role of the Father in disciple making. Address enquiries to


An overwhelmingly positive response came from all who attended the one-day Seminar: Preaching from the Old Testament, presented by Dr Chris Wright (Langham International). Delegates were incredibly blessed by his clear teaching and application of Old Testament principles. Questions abounded in the Q&A times and his exceptional knowledge of the scriptures and their application was highly valued by all who participated. “I wish I’d invited at least three others I know to this seminar” said one delegate, and many others reitterated this sentiment. For those who missed out, notes and the audio versions of the seminar sessions can be downloaded from our website:

DOWNLOAD SESSIONS AVAILABLE are: (1 ) Why Teach from the Old Testament? (2) Notes on Preaching (3) Law and Grace (4) God’s Character – a model for the nations (5) The message of the law for today.


Anyone still wanting to order any of Dr Wright’s books can e-mail Enoch at this week. (Prices will be slightly higher than on the day.)

SATS would like to thank the Botswana team from Reaching the Unreached for partnering with us to bring Dr Chris Wright to Johannesburg.

Jenny Mason & Chris Wright

Above: Jenny Mason (Project Director, SATS) & Dr Chris Wright

SATS Academic Retreat
To stay at the top of the Distance Education field our academic staff met at the end of May to review, re-strategise and improve the academic input for our students. Dr Bert Watson conducted workshops on the Effectiveness of Transformational Learning and Dr Kevin Smith led the devotions. Dr Reuben van Rensburg addressed the academic staff in a joint meeting with senior management and representatives of the Board of the South African Theological Seminary. Dr van Rensburg’s address will be released on our website in audio form soon. (Watch our Facebook page for notification).

Academic Retreat Attendees

Attendees : Academic Retreat 2013
FRONT ROW: Michelle Horne (Lewende Woord); Reinette Douglas (Lewende Woord); Debra Bosman (Timothy Ministry Training); & Louise Roos (Doxa Deo).

MIDDLE ROW: Michael Janse van Rensburg; Willem Semmelink; Mzi Mzebetshana; Eugene Barron; Zoltan Erdey; Ezekiel Mathole (Grace Bible Church, Soweto); Jan Niemand (Doxa Deo); Pelham Lessing; Felix Kantonda; Jose de Carvalho

BACK ROW: Paul Warby; Dr Johannes Matshinga (Baptist Convention College, Soweto); David Woods; Kevin Smith; Patrick Mutombo; Marcel Hattingh – just behind Patrick (Doxa Deo), Vernon Light; Ps Mlungisi Mayedwa (Community Church, Bisho); Bert Watson (Guest Speaker – Maranatha Family Church); Mark Pretorius.

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