Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Dr Willem Semmelink Ph.D.


Willem is head of the Undergraduate School at the South African Theological Seminary. He has been Student Dean at the AFM of SA Theological Institute in Soshanguve, where he headed the Departments of Practical Theology & Church History. He was also responsible for courses in Youth Ministry and Counselling Youth at the Auckland Park Theological Seminary. Willem is Executive Director of Youth at HEART. Willem is an ordained minister in both the DRC and the AFM.

Selected publications

  • Youth Development – Life Orientation
  • Counselling Youth in Crisis
  • Cross-cultural Relationship Building
  • Understanding Chemical Imbalances
  • Music and Liturgy

Presentation of Key-note Papers at Conference

  • Food (f)or Fuel, The ethics behind the food crisis, Annual Conference South African Theological Seminary 2008
  • Currently preparing for the Society of Practical Theologians in South Africa’s conference in Potchefstroom in January 2013 where he will present a paper with Dr Noel Woodridge on The prophetic witness of Amos and its relevance for today’s church in promoting social justice in democratic South Africa Articles

Teaching – Courses

  • Skills to assist youth in crisis (Advanced Course in Counselling Youth in Crisis)
  • Developed course in Practical theology, including all major subjects and in addition Youth Leader development, youth development, counselling youth cross cultural relationship building, community development, music and liturgy
  • Life Orientation (Methodology)
  • Occupational Guidance

A glance at Willem’s qualifications provides an insight into the diversity of his interests:

  • B.A. in Biblical Studies & Criminology (Pretoria).
  • B.D. in Dogmatic & Ethics & Practical Theology (Pretoria).
  • Diploma in Theology – Ethics – Dissertation: The responsibility towards morality: Church or State? (Pretoria).
  • D.Th. – Practical Theology (Unisa) – Dissertation: “The use of music in a free-liturgical worship service”


Dr Johannes Malherbe D.Th.


Johannes acquired his academic qualifications at the University of Stellenbosch, and has also studied biblical languages at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as a Visiting Scholar.

During his career Johannes has served on the boards of various ministries, including Africa School of Missions, About Children and Petra College (White River). Johannes has, however, focused his energies particularly in the area of Children’s Ministry. His list of published articles covers topics such as “Child theology in Africa” and he has been intensely involved in discipling children and training children’s workers on various levels. His further close association with a number of Missions, Education and Children’s organisations over the years will definitely be a great asset to SATS and its students.


Rev Roger Tucker Ph.D.

Born in the UK, resident in SA since 1975. Minister in United Presbyterian Church in SA since 1977, having pastored 6 congregations.

Qualifications: PhD (Practical Theology); BA(Hons) Theology; BSc (Hons) Geology; Diploma in Business Management.

Positions: Research Fellow at University of Free State; Consultant to UPCSA (official appointment).


  • Assisting in building missional congregations in the new pluralistic South Africa – issues, opportunities and tools for churches to grow in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Facilitating the influence of the Kingdom of God and the church through theological dialogue and intervention with the life-sciences, ecology, economics, psychology, business and politics.
  • Building disciples through preaching, teaching, and personal mentoring.


  • Practical Theology in South Africa, Vol 19 (1) 2004, “An Investigation of the development of the Cell Church Concept in the Western Cape.”
  • HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 67(2), 2011, ‘Practical theology: Can it really help the local congregation?’
  • Acta Theologica, 2011 31(2): 295-314, ‘An assessment of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator from a Practical Theological Perspective’.
  • Verbum et Ecclesia, 2012 33(1), ‘Financially Resourcing the United Presbyterian church in Southern Africa in 21st Century’.
  • Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif, 2012 53 (1,2), ‘Practical theological research into education and evolution in South African High Schools – teaching learners to think!’
  • HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 69(2); Khotseng, B. & Tucker, A.R., 2013, ‘They worship in our churches’ – An opportunity for the church to intervene in order to diminish the corruption that is hindering service delivery in South Africa?’


Dr. Mark Pretorius Ph.D.

Mark, who is a senior academic at SATS, earned his PhD from Pretoria University and his MA from the University of Johannesburg. He has written many philosophical articles on a wide variety of issues, including around the science and religion debate. His specialty is the study of philosophy, metaphysics, creation and evolution.

Research Interests

The majority of his research work encompasses the interaction between science and religion, including integrating evolution and the creative acts of God found in Genesis 1-2. He has written several published articles on this relationship (among others), in the Academic Journals Verbum et Ecclesia, HTS Theological Studies, and Conspectus .

Mark has a Wikipedia page which is found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Pretorius

Select Publications

•  “The Holy Spirit and His relationship to the Godhead in the light of Scripture” The Shepherd 6 (2) March-April 2005 20-22.

•  “The Key to the Present Fulfilment of the Eschatological Inclusion of the Gentiles in the People of God”, HTS Theological Studies 61(4) 2005 1339-1352.

•  “Evolution or Creation” Christian Living Today Issue 159 Sept 2006 38-41.

Forthcoming Publications:

  • “The Remarkable Cell: Intelligently Designed or by Evolutionary Process?” Verbum et Ecclesia 2012.
  • “Open Theism: A Critique on how it Views the Attributes of God”. Conspectus 2012
  • “What do Religion and Natural Science each have to say about Creation and Evolution?” Verbum et Ecclesia 2012.
  • “Science and Religion: A Historical Introduction to Supposedly Competing Worldviews”. HTS Theological Studies 2013.


•  Co-contributor to Smith’s Book “Academic Writing and Theological Research”

•  Pretorius M and Lioy D. 2013. The Holy Spirit: A Systemised Study of the Spirit’s Person and Work . Forthcoming Publication.

Book Reviews: