Distance Learning Seminary

Distance learning can be defined as learning which takes place remotely, and in our case, online.

The concept of distance learning is a more individual learning experience, and depending on the way in which the courses are constructed, will determine how you interact with your fellow students and tutor.

Learning in this way is exciting, as in the process you learn new skills and grow in confidence in your ability to work in a completely different environment.

This is the way of the future now, so it is good to become familiar and completely comfortable interfacing with a computer to create a different “space” to work in. The space of course is the “virtual” learning space.

Some might say that the lack of interpersonal discussion is a disadvantage, but because we live in a world of creative technologists and educators, interpersonal discussion is very possible – it is just “different”.

SATS’ students have the opportunity to connect with fellow students and their tutors via the learning site and we have testimonies of students who have become friends, even though they live in different parts of the world.

This is a very convenient form of education as anyone, anywhere has the opportunity to study and work at the time of day or night that suits him or her best. This means that you are not tied down to physically going to a lecture hall to learn; you merely need a computer and the Internet and you have immediate accessibility to your material. There is far more flexibility with distance learning, which greatly benefits you, because you can still continue to develop a career and earn a living while you study, and at a much lower price.

If you are keen to complete a qualification via distance learning, you will need to plan your study periods and then stick to them. We suggest that our students study in the same place and preferably at the same time every day, as this helps them to develop a good study routine. This is important since there will be nobody checking up on whether you are studying. You will need to be determined to reach your goal, on your own.

Because we have faculty in many countries, the opportunity to be taught by an international expert in a particular field is another advantage.

There are fewer barriers to providing quality distance educators for online learning.

At SATS, we have a team of Christian educators who consistently design and create interesting, interactive, Christ-centred courses for people wanting not only to improve their knowledge of the Bible, but also to learn how to apply their learning into their local church or ministry context. The courses are designed to teach topics at various levels of learning so that you can retain and recall your knowledge whenever you need it.

Our library is available to our students wherever they may live and our courses are designed to include the reading material required for each course at no extra cost.

Generally students of all ages, cultures and genders who have transitioned from the printed book type of learning to the online, download and upload kind of learning now prefer learning this way.

Theology distance learning SATS way is cost-effective, convenient and provided in the comfort of your own home.

We welcome you to our virtual learning space and suggest you speak to one of our helpful administrators if you would like to discuss your theological, online studies in more detail.

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