Debt Free Studies

Debt-free Theological Education

A great deal has been written of late about the fact that American undergraduate students complete their degrees with an average debt of $28000 or more. If they marry another graduate, naturally they begin their married life with a debt that will take them many years to pay. If a graduate undertakes a Masters or PhD degree this debt can easily escalate to $100 000 or more!

Because the South African Theological Seminary does not have the expense of having to maintain a large residential campus, and as a non-profit is able to offer its programmes at a very low cost, especially to students in countries whose currency is very strong against the Rand (e.g. the dollar), it IS possible to complete a degree with us debt-free! An added bonus is that you do not have to pay your full tuition fee up front – you can pay per course or per phase (see Pricing).

So, there is no reason any longer to incur large debt while studying. Enrol with the South African Theological Seminary and enjoy debt-free education.