Debating Scientific Origins: Can Intelligent Design be Supportively

Involved in Natural Science Debates on the Origin of Life?


Farr Williams, Michael Scott

This study endeavors to understand the writings of Ken Miller and Eugenie Scott in terms of their objections to Intelligent Design being involved in the Natural Science Debates on the Origin of Life. These writings include Ken Miller’s books Finding Darwin’s God- A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution and Only a Theory- Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul. These writings also include Eugenie Scott’s books Not in Our Classrooms- Why Intelligent Design is wrong for Our Classrooms and Evolution vs. Creationism – An Introduction.

Further, this study identifies the objections these two authors have with Intelligent Design and looks for possible solutions from the Intelligent Design Movement. The idea is that advocates of both sides are quick to judge and slow to listen. This study is not to convince one side or the other, but to simply listen to the objections and possible answers from both sides. In this way a bridge can be made between the two sides and these divergent groups can begin to understand one another.

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