Curriculum Design

When the Seminary was founded, instead of the traditional curriculum design, we researched what Christians at both leadership and non-leadership levels need to know and be able to do. We then used this analysis to develop a series of learning outcomes and from this we developed the curriculum. In other words, the courses you study all yield essential knowledge and skills.

Since then we have consistently listened to the needs of the church and to the feedback from our students and have refined the courses accordingly. Our aim is to make studying as pleasant as possible for you without compromising standards.

Minimum Study Requirements

You are required to complete 24 credits of study every 12 months (commencing with date of enrolment), but we strongly recommend that you complete at least 48.

MySats is a website that integrates all your academic information. By logging into MySats, you are able to access all your course materials, interact with the facilitator and other students, submit your assignments and keep track of their status, and receive feedback on your assignments. MySats also provides you with direct access to library resources and other vital documents (e.g. the student handbook, the guide for writing assignments).

When you enrol for a course, you receive access to the MySats course page. You can download the study materials that SATS provides for the course, including the study guide, reader, and assignments. You can interact with the course facilitator and with the other students. You can view the due dates for all the assignments and examinations. You can submit your assignments and write your exams online.
In some courses, there are discussion activities in which you have a chance to discuss important questions with other students. These are also available on the MySats course page.
As a general rule, BTh. courses run over a three-month term and B.Th. Honours courses over a six-month semester.

MySats offers a number of significant advantages, such as:

You have direct access to everything you need for your courses.

You are able to communicate with other students by using the Course Forum. Since the feeling of isolation is one of the great challenges of distance learning, sharing your journey with other students is a great help.

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You are able to submit your assignments directly to the course facilitator, without any administrative delays. You are also able to see that the assignment has been received, and to receive it back as soon as it has been graded—again without administrative delays. If there is a delay in grading your assignment, you can query it directly with the facilitator.


By assigning due dates for all assignments and completion dates for all courses, MySats helps you to pace your studies in such a way that you are able to complete your qualification in good time by doing one subject in each three-month term. The assignment dates are spread out to make your time-management easy – you just have to work steadily to complete your course.