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To find out more about this programme:

To find out more about this programme:

Why would an international Christian higher education distance learning institution create a pre-tertiary (i.e. before university) bible study programme?

Crossroads came into being because we discovered as we visited many church pastors, especially inSouth Africa, Africa and the US, that pastors, church elders and training officers are busy tending to the needs of the flock, and have little time to prepare or update foundational teaching material.

We designed this programme especially to alleviate the preparation of material for congregational study. Each Crossroads disc has all the material required for teaching and there is no need to make copies, as students buy the Student disc with all the relevant material.
Church leaders have the option to teach this programme in small or large classes or to recommend that their congregation study this programme on their own, online.

In 2012 the Seminary conducted a survey amongst over 4000 churchgoers to establish the state ofBiblical literacy of church members in South Africa. The result of the survey showed that there is a direneed for Christ-centred and Bible-based teaching in our churches which helps Christians to make good,godly decisions based on God’s instructions through His word. We believe through the Crossroads programme we can address this need.

Crossroads can be structured to fit into individual church calendars and programmes. It can run for one or two years and can be done once or twice a week, depending on the time available.

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