Crossroads – A One or Two-year Foundational Discipleship Programme With Options.


Crossroads: The way to live and lead

Crossroads is a pre-tertiary programme and resource tool to help local churches run an in-house discipleship and leadership training programme. Crossroads provides the church with the material it needs to set up and run either Crossroads 1 (Discipleship) or Crossroads 2 (Leadership), or both. The material comprises ready-to-use PowerPoint lessons, comprehensive notes, student handouts, marketing materials, administration forms for enrolment, record-keeping and much more. It is available in English and Afrikaans.

n 2012 the Seminary conducted a survey amongst over 4000 churchgoers to establish the state of Biblical literacy of church members in South Africa. The results showed that there is a dire need for Bible-based and Christ-centred teaching in our churches, which helps Christians to make good, godly decisions based on God’s instructions through His Word. We believe through the Crossroads programme we can begin to address this need.

The material is divided into two tracks. The first is focused on “living by the book” and the second teaches “leading by the book”. Students receive a certificate of completion after the first track and can then decide whether to continue with the second. Each track is designed to run for a year.

For each completed track, students earns 24 credits towards either the SATS’ Higher Certificate in Christian Life or the Bachelor of theology. (Please note there is an administrative fee of R2996 when using these credits towards a higher qualification).


  • Growing in God
  • Grounded in God
  • Reflecting Jesus
  • Jesus: His life and legacy
  • Spiritual gifts: use and abuse
  • Trusting your Guide
  • One God, three Persons
  • The mission of God 1
  • Your role in God’s plan


  • The way of love
  • The mission of God 2
  • From sinner to saint
  • Leading God’s way
  • Mining God’s treasures
  • Overcoming the enemy
  • Defending your faith
  • Ideas & their consequences

Methods of delivery

There are two different methods of delivery for this programme:

  1. The church-based option, which provides complete study materials for the group leader and for each student.
  2. The online option which provides the same material for individuals to study in their own time and location, via the Internet on the MySATS site.
  3. The church-based option

We provide the church with the material it needs to set up and run a quality training programme. The church enrols students and purchases a student resource for each student enrolled. Each student receives a CD with full-text course notes and lesson summaries which require completion by the student. The church teaches the programme and SATS issues a certificate of completion for each student. The group meets weekly for about two hours, for 30 weeks each year. However, churches can choose to meet more or less frequently and so complete the material as it suits them.

  1. Crossroads Online

MySats, our online learning platform, provides the learning environment for this new Crossroads initiative, which allows individuals to enrol and complete this programme online. This means you can work on your own, at your own pace, within the structure of each term. Access to MySats can be on your laptop or your mobile device wherever you are and wherever you have connectivity to the internet. All coursework and resources are provided online. There are three courses per term and three terms per year.

If you are interested in finding out more about this programme click here:
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