Prayer, Power, and Proclamation

Prayer, Power, and Proclamation

In this book you will appreciate:

  • That we live in an inverted kingdom and need to change our mindset and worldview.
  • That those who are born again in the name of Jesus are sons and daughters of the living God.
  • That prayer is the privilege of dialogue with Almighty God.
  • That disciples of the Lord Jesus should be custodians of power from on high.
  • The vast potential of proclaiming in word and deed, in the authority of Jesus, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Books by Dr Chris Peppler

These books may be ordered directly from Chrispy Publications:

Revelation in the Stars

In this book Dr Peppler shows how the constellations illustrate the plans and purposes of Almighty God as described in the Revelation. Equipped with this profound insight, readers can at last make sense of many of the difficult and ambiguous portions of this last book of the Bible.


Truth is the Word

Restoring a lost Focus

An understanding of the truth lies under the surface of almost all current Christian debates. Truth will set us free from the powers and principalities of our age and the neglect of truth will destroy us. There is only one person who can give us a satisfactory answer to the question “What is truth?” His name is Jesus.

In this book you will discover:

  • How you have arrived at your assumptions and mindset.
  • How knowledge transforms the truth.
  • The real source of truth.
  • How historic ways of interpreting the Bible have formed our modern opinions.
  • How to discern the dimensions of meaning in the biblical text.
  • A fresh, yet age-old set of interpretive principles.