Students without prior degrees in theology will be required to complete foundational training in the nature and methods of the discipline.

For practitioners, Systematic Theology has the most relevance for ministry when Christian beliefs and practices are examined in dynamic tension with beliefs and practices in the prevailing worldviews in the minister’s context.

All Christian ministers understand that they are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, but not all appreciate that the effective communication of the gospel is context-dependent. This course aims to help them to understand the biblical view of man, sin, and salvation in dynamic tension with the prevailing worldviews in the context, so that they can communicate it clearly and persuasively.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the dominant understandings of (a) man, (b) sin, and (c) salvation in your context.
  • Compare and contrast the beliefs of your context with the theological position of your church tradition regarding man, sin, and salvation.
  • Communicate biblical understandings of anthropology and harmartiology to post-Christian audiences that view Christian beliefs and ethics with scepticism.
  • Formulate context-sensitive strategies for communicating the gospel clearly and persuasively in your community.