In this course, you will discover the exciting field of African Theology, a field of Theology that is relatively new, but is very significant, especially as Christianity grows rapidly throughout the continent of Africa. You will learn about various aspects of African Traditional Religion (ATR), namely, (1) Cosmology in ATR, (2) the philosophical, ethical and psychological principles in ATR, (3) the Supreme Being, divinities and spirits in ATR, (4) religious experience: rites, power and communication with spirits in ATR, and how Christianity ought to interact with such features of ATR.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe African Theology
  • Demonstrate the development of African Theology
  • Highlight features of ATR and their relevance to African Theology
  • Evaluate African Traditional Religion in the light of Christianity

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: What is African Theology
  • Unit 2: Methodology
  • Unit 3: Cosmology in African Traditional Religion (ATR)
  • Unit 4: Philosophical, Ethical and Psychological Principles in ATR
  • Unit 5: Supreme Being, Divinities and Spirits in ATR
  • Unit 6: Religious Experience: Rites, Power and Communication with Spirits in ATR
  • Unit 7: Christian Response to ATR

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