Course Details – Undergraduate School

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Certificate Courses

Courses — 120 Credits

All Six Core Courses (72 Credits) must be completed:

  • CCC1120 The Biblical Basis of Christian Counselling
  • CCC1121 Human Development and Christian Counselling
  • CCC1122 Counselling Skills
  • CCC2120 Ethical and Legal Issues for Pastoral and Lay Counsellors
  • CCC2121 Psychopathology and Spiritual Conflicts
  • CCC2122 Relationships, Marriage and Family Counselling

Four Electives (48 Credits):

Students may select any four of the following courses

  • CCC1123 Crisis Intervention and Trauma Counselling
  • CCC1124 Counselling — Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • CCC1125 Wellness — Personal and Spiritual Growth
  • CCC1126 Addictions and Co-dependency
  • CCC2123 Congregational Care and Lay Counselling
  • CCC2124 Gerontology and Counselling the Terminally Ill
  • CCC2126 Advanced Counselling Skills Practicum
  • CCC2127 Medicine, Health and Healing

Bachelor of Theology Courses

Please note, the first-year curriculum consists of 10 courses, of which 6 courses are compulsory.

These courses are compulsory:

Choose any four courses from the following electives:

If you select the Greek Courses you need to complete both at level 1 and both at level 2

NB. To reap the full benefits of the Biblical Language course, you will need to take all 4 Greek or Hebrew courses.

These courses are compulsory:

Select any four from these:

Bachelor of Theology (Honours) Courses

The Honours curriculum consists of a combination of 12 credit courses and 24 Credit courses, that must total at least 120 Credits:

Compulsory Course
GEN4121 Theological Orientation (12 credits)

24-Credit Electives
OTS4241 Old Testament
NTS4241 New Testament
THE4241 Systematic Theology
THE4242 Science and Theology
RES4241 Research Project (RES4122 is a prerequisite for this course)

12-Credit Electives
RES4122 Research Methodology
GEN4122 Directed Theological Reading
PRA4121 Practical Theology
MIS4121 Missiology
THE4123 Child Theology
MIS4122 Understanding Islam (prequisite for MIS4123)
MIS4123 Critiquing Islam (prequisite is MIS4122)
PRA4122 Narrative Preaching
BIB4123 Ephesians