Course Details – Undergraduate School

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Certificate Courses

Compulsory Coursses
CCC1120 The Biblical Basis of Christian Counselling
CCC1121 Human Development and Christian Counselling
CCC1122 Counselling Skills
CCC2120 Ethical and Legal Issues for Pastoral and Lay Counsellors
CCC2121 Psychopathology and Spiritual Conflicts
CCC2122 Relationships, Marriage and Family Counselling

Elective Courses
CCC1123 Crisis Intervention and Trauma Counselling
CCC1124 Counselling – Abuse and Domestic Violence
CCC1125 Wellness – Personal and Spiritual Growth
CCC1126 Addictions and Co-dependency
CCC2123 Congregational Care and Lay Counselling
CCC2124 Gerontology and Counselling the Terminally Ill
CCC2125 HIV/AIDS Counselling and Care Giving
CCC2126 Advanced Counselling Skills Practicum
CCC2127 Medicine, Health and Healing

Bachelor of Theology Courses