“I thank God for bible school and the impact it had in my life. Before bible school I had some unanswered questions about some topics in the bible, but now through bible school I am grounded in my faith because I now have a deeper insight on some key faith doctrines of the bible. The bible school has also equipped me for ministry because I have gained knowledge and understanding on spiritual matters particularly on serving God. Moreover I now have a greater interest in the word of God than before.” – Miss Nangamso Mtamzeli

“I thank God for his election by grace that I attend bible school and better yet; do it with SATS. I never saw myself a bible scholar before; I just used to think it was for certain people. The Crossroads course has helped me understand how to handle myself and live as a confident Christian. My favorite module is Defending Your Faith; this module helped me in such a way now I can put up logical arguments about the only true religion!” – Mr. Leo Nyikadzino Mahachi

“I would like to give all the glory and honor unto my precious Savior who allowed me to be a Bible scholar. During my studies of Crossroads l learnt a lot of things that changed my life. I learnt a better way of studying the Bible such that I now understand more as l will be searching through the scriptures this also has made me to be always rooted in the word of the Lord. Reading the Bible has helped me to pray more effectively by basing every prayer on the word of God. My faith is also growing as l have adopted the techniques of studying the bible starting with the whole passage, paragraph and then specific point of interest to get the actual meaning and revelation. Due to health problems that l was experiencing I developed bitterness it was only when l learnt that the battle was not mine but for the Lord that l decided to put on the armor of God daily and wage war against the rulers of darkness whilst positioning myself in heavenly places (Ephesians 6).” – Mr. Tatenda Obey Mtetwa

“I am greatly honoured to express my awesome experience l had during crossroads 1 and 2. Firstly l would like to thank the Lord God Almighty for allowing me to be part of this wonderful experience. I learnt a lot of things which l will try to summarize as follows: Crossroads 1 taught to me how to live as a Christian because Christianity is a lifestyle. I got to understand that living a life of purity and holiness is all about looking to God for my standards and not the world. From Crossroads 2 l learnt to be a leader whose main aim is to mentor other people who will become successors. A good leader hears from God, always leads in humility and in love understanding that its all about our Master Jesus Christ.” – Miss Rumbidzai Irene Mazhangara
“The Bible School was awesome, an eye opener to the small Christian details that we usually take for granted; things we think we know or do not matter, like listing the books of the Old Testament. I was blessed much by the presence of the Holy Spirit. If there was ever any doubt in His existence, He really made sure that during lessons He came and we touched Him.” – Mrs Veliswa Tshivhase

“Crossroads helped me to understand that Christianity is a lifestyle. It also helped me to commune with the Spirit of God. My knowledge about the grace of God and understanding what it means to be saved by grace and who is the source of it has increased. Crossroads has enlightened my spirit to the person of Jesus, and the studying of His word, to know who i am and who Christ is. I thank God for such an opportunity to be equipped inwardly, as Apostle Paul said, ‘Though the outward man be perishing, yet our inward man is renewed day by day’.” – Mr Loyiso Somkosi