City Hill

1. Why Crossroads?

We at CityHill, Johannesburg adopted Crossroads to help train and equip our congregation in the fundamentals of the Christian faith. As a church, we believe in equipping men and women for ministry and making disciples for Christ as per Eph. 4:11-16 and Matt 28:19-20, respectively. The course was very attractive to us because it came with comprehensible material, extensive resources ranging from Bible software to class notes, and a detailed leader’s guide to help with implementation. In hind sight this was one of our best decisions, as we have seen men and women transformed first hand, by the Holy Spirit, through the course.

2. Transformation

Transformation can be hard to measure, so below are a few headings that may help give a framework of the kind of impact we have experienced at CityHill.

2.1 Passion for God and His Word

We have seen individuals’ passion for the Word, its right reading and application, enhanced. As a result many of those on the course have become better leaders, leading from a place of substance and charisma, all thanks to the course.

2.2 Assurance

Some of those on the course have expressed increased assurance in the credibility of their faith which has led to them being more evangelistically active in their different social circles.

2.3 Clarity

The course has also brought about a sense of clarity around doctrinal matters. This has led to frequent revision of previously entrenched positions, motivated by a clear reading of the Scriptures. The impact has led to a great sense of freedom, in worship and in relationship with others.

2.4 Confidence

There has also been a definite increase in confidence in the group’s interaction with doctrine. This has also been evident in the way individuals have questioned topical matters such as “grass eating” and “petrol drinking”. The maturity demonstrated in handling such matters has underlined yet again how boldness come by the Spirit and the truth of the Scriptures.

2.5 Pathway to BTh

Added to the above, Crossroads has ignited a yearning for more theological training. For example, from a group of twelve who completed (Crossroads 1&2), five students will be enrolling onto the BTh programme in the following year. This has led to conclusion that Crossroads is an ideal launching point for tertiary theological training. What also excites us about the link between Crossroads and the BTh is the freedom we now have to further train Crossroads graduates in specific ministry areas, using the theory received from the course.

3. Recommendation

Below are some recommendations based on our experience at CityHill.

3.1 Community

The success of the course in our context did not merely hinge on the quality of the material. Community was also a notable factor. We met one Saturday a month (4hrs, 9am-1pm), for a year and a half. During our times together, discussion was encouraged and doctrinal ‘hot potatoes’ were tackled head on, by God’s grace. We also had “table talks” outside our regular meeting times where we met in someone’s home to discuss broader theological matters arising out of our learning. And, yes food was a common feature. We brought food and drink, we shared, and community was built.

Our recommendation would be that something of community be built in the teaching of the course.

3.2 Visits from SATS

We had Kevin visit and teach one of the lessons some time ago. This helped us relate to the course author, while connecting to SATS as institution. We would recommend this, based on our experience at CityHill.