Dependence on the Holy Spirit

by Dr Christopher Peppler

The Foundational Principle concerning the Holy Spirit is stated in the SATS Conspectus as; ‘The ministry of the Holy Spirit – We believe that we are to trust and obey God the Holy Spirit and that

The Full Divinity of the Holy Spirit

by Dr Dan Lioy
This year in the church calendar, the Day of Pentecost (meaning “fiftieth day”) occurs on May 20th. Annually, on the seventh Sunday after Easter, believers celebrate the occasion when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus’ disciples

Frontiers beyond: reflections on Pentecostalism in Africa

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by Batanayi I. Manyika


“Africa is over-evangelized and under-taught,” so goes the adage. When this maxim is analysed against the backdrop of an exponential growth of Christianity on the continent, a composite portrait of a Pentecostal

Handing over a seminary to the next generation

Having served as the President (in South Africa we call this person the Principal) of the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) since 2006, and before that as its Vice-President since 2000, I will retire in April 2018.

For a relatively

Staying faithful to the original calling in times of leadership change

A critical time for any church is when its senior leadership changes, but it is a passage all churches and organisations must navigate at one time or another. Leaders who have steered the ship for a long time tend to

The story of Philemon and Onesimus is a story for our time

SATS head of academics Kevin Smith, and Faculty member and PhD student Batanayi Manyika, will be presenting a paper at the SBL conference at The Humboldt University of Berlin this week, entitled ‘An analysis of Eschatology in Philemon “ἅμα δὲ

Good Theology: Essential for Godly Living

By Dr Kevin Smith

Like it or not, you have a theology. The question is whether or not it is a good theology. How well does your view of God and his world align with what he has revealed? This

Perspectives on missions today

Chuck van Engen

SATS was privileged recently to host world-renowned missiologist Chuck van Engen in South Africa. Chuck was also the guest speaker at the SATS’ 2017 graduation while in the country. Born in Mexico, to US missionaries of Dutch

Does a PhD make one better equipped for ministry?

SATS has been blessed recently with an increasing number of registrations for its PhD in Theology. Despite the fact that we have only been accredited for the PhD in Theology for the past eight-and- a-half years, we have 85 doctoral

Some thoughts on SATS’ graduation

By Principal Dr Reuben van Rensburg

SATS will be holding its annual graduation ceremony this coming Saturday April 22, 2017.  This year the seminary will confer degrees on over 200 students including 53 Honours, 12 Masters and nine PhD’s.  The