22 11, 2019

A Historical Critique of the distrust between ‘Evangelical’ and ‘Pentecostal’ Churches in Nigeria by Pastor Akinyele Abiodun James.

2019-12-03T00:07:53+02:00Nov 22nd, 2019|Blog|

By Akinyele Abiodun James The revival of the 1960/70s and 80s came with a lot of positive impacts, especially on the church. Beginning mostly in the universities, the revival , ...

11 02, 2019

Paul, the Christocentric Christian Worker

2019-12-03T00:08:58+02:00Feb 11th, 2019|Blog|

This year, 2019, SATS has made Pauline theology the special focus of its Internet presence. This blogpost being the year’s first, it is worth briefly reflecting on the apostle’s self-understanding as evident in his enduring legacy, its impact on his ministry, and consequently, its implications for today’s Christian workers.