Advantages of Studying at SATS

When you enrol at SATS, you meet a team of committed believers who are passionate about serving Jesus by serving you. Our team is creative, innovative, dedicated, and enthusiastic about the way they teach and serve your study needs. When you enrol at SATS, you can expect to

  • grow under the teaching of a seminary and a team of lecturers who believe the Bible and love the Lord (Luke 6:40);
  • receive a fully-accredited qualification that is respected worldwide;
  • love the convenience of instant online access to everything you need for your studies;
  • experience a challenging programme that maintains high academic standards;
  • enjoy fast, friendly service from academic and administrative staff;
  • join a seminary that responds to the needs and inputs of its students;
  • interact with peers from all around the world who love Jesus, making new friends in the process;
  • learn from a diverse team of highly-qualified academics who love Jesus and the truth;
  • grow with a ministry that is innovative in its use of technology;
  • benefit from a programme that is simultaneously thoroughly biblical and deeply practical;
  • engage with lecturers who are actively engaged in theological research;
  • and rest in the knowledge that our staff prays daily for our students.