Why We Exist

At SATS we are committed to interactive and technologically up-to-date programmes designed specifically for the local church-based student. We are also committed to maintaining a strong ‘training’ element in our course curriculum. (See ‘Curriculum Design‘). SATS courses are therefore not only broadly educational but also equip Christians to minister within their local churches. It is, however, important to us that our courses meet high academic standards and accreditation requirements. (See Accreditation and Registration).

The South African Theological Seminary (SATS) was founded in 1996 for several reasons:

Firstly, our deep and continuing concern for the doctrinal integrity of the church. SATS has been established on a triune doctrinal foundation – The unique authority of the Word of God the Father, the lordship and centrality of Jesus Christ, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. These key doctrines are strongly promoted in all of our courses and programmes.

Secondly, to be a Seminary. This is a word that is often used to differentiate a Christian college from a secular university. It means ‘a place where things are grown’. In its traditional use it reflects the long held view that church leaders need to be taken out of their local churches into a sort of academic ‘hot house’ in order to grow.

We believe that local churches are the real seedbeds for Christian education and training. We are therefore seeking to provide Christians with learning right where they are in the bosom of their church family. (See ‘Partnering with SATS‘).