We believe in partnering with like-minded groups, churches, institutions and organisations, because we know there is significant value in such collaboration. We invest time in developing the relationship, as a result, we have forged sound partnerships in many parts of the world.

We have found that those seeking a partner relationship with SATS have many different requirements and we, because of our desire to contribute to the Kingdom, try to shape the agreements around what the partners each require.

Our partnerships range from small, local groups, to larger international groups. In all cases the partnership is formalised through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

In all cases the partner organisation receives a generous discount.

Some examples of the different kinds of partnerships are listed below:

  1. In certain countries, especially in South America and parts of Europe, government accreditation for theological institutions is very difficult or even non-existent and partnering with SATS ensures their students get an accredited degree.
  2. Churches which run in-house training programmes could submit them to us for evaluation. Should the programme be of a sufficient standard, we would award a certain number of Recognition of Prior Learning credits to each person, who has successfully completed that programme, and who then enrols with SATS.
  3. Many institutions do not have graduate/postgraduate programmes but want their students to continue their studies after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree.
  4. A group of people from one church could enrol for a tertiary programme and would receive a discount on the fees paid. Examples of this kind of partnership would be Lewende Woord, Doxa Deo and Grace Bible Church.

To find out more about the opportunities that exist through a SATS partnership please contact