The ABC of Child Theology

The ABC of Child Theology

This series of short articles is designed to introduce the subject of Child Theology to pastors and church leaders to whom it is a completely new idea.

What is “Child Theology”*

Jesus put a child in the centre of the disciples when they were having a theological argument about greatness in the kingdom of God. It is plain that Jesus thought the child’s presence would give the disciples a clue to the essential truth they were missing.

Occasionally over the centuries, the child has disturbed theologians at work, but has not been in a position to shape theology consistently.

In Child Theology, we are invited to take good note of the child in the midst as we think about, for, to, from and with God in Christ. As we do that, we expect our theology to change for the better. In Child Theology, we embark afresh on the journey with Christ into the open secret of God in the world.

*Definition from CTM website.



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