Bachelor of Theology


360 Credits on NQF level 7 (30 courses of 12 credits each)

Enrolment Requirements

To register for this programme, prospective students require one of the following:

  • National Senior Certificate as certified by Umalusi, with an achievement rating of 4 (50% – 59%) or better in four recognised NSC 20-credit subjects from the designated list in the Minimum Admission Requirements for Higher Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree Programmes requiring a National Senior Certificate, Government Gazette, Vol. 482, No. 27961, 18 August 2005. Applicants with different qualifications may only be admitted if they are judged equivalent by the designated equivalence-setting bodies. Alternatively a Higher Certificate or Advanced Certificate in a cognate field will satisfy the minimum requirement.
  • A tertiary qualification at an accredited institution registered by the Department of Education.
  • A tertiary qualification at a foreign institution accredited by a recognised accrediting body or by the institution’s national government.

Certified/notarized proof of one of the above requirements should accompany the application form, together with a certified/notarized copy of the student’s Identification Document or valid Passport. All those who meet these criteria and whose English is of a sufficient standard, are accepted into the programme.

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Compulsory courses:

  • BIB1121 Essential Bible Study Principles
  • BIB1123 The Words and Works of Jesus
  • PRA1122 Introduction to Youth and Children’s Ministry
  • THE1120 Introduction to Theology
  • THE1121 Christian Foundations
  • THE1122 Biblical Worldview

Elective courses

Choose any four courses from the following:

If you select the Greek Courses you need to complete both at level 1 and both at level 2

  • BIB1122 1 Corinthians
  • BIB1124 Old Testament Survey
  • CYM1126 Connecting with Children
  • PRA1121 Christian Relationships
  • PRA1124 Biblical Leadership 1
  • THE1123 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • THE1124 Survey of Church History [Textbook Required]
  • BGK1121 Biblical Greek 1A [Two Textbooks Required]
  • BGK1122 Biblical Greek 1B [Prerequisite BGK1121]
  • BHB1121 Biblical Hebrew 1A [Textbook Required]
  • BHB1122 Biblical Hebrew 1B [Prerequisite BHB1121]

NB. To reap the full bene ts of the Biblical Language course, you will need to take all 4 Greek or Hebrew courses.

Compulsory courses: 

  • BIB2121 Hermeneutics
  • BIB2123 Historical Books
  • BIB2125 Paul’s Letters
  • MIS2124 Introduction to Missions
  • THE2122 The Doctrine of Man and Sin
  • THE2123 The Doctrine of Salvation

Elective courses:

  • BIB2122 The Pentateuch
  • BIB2124 Book of Acts
  • CYM2127 Walking with Wounded Children
  • MIS2122 Contemporary Issues in Missions
  • MIS2123 The Historical Perspective on Missions
  • PRA2121 Christian Counselling 1
  • PRA2122 Pastoral Ministry
  • PRA2123 Homiletics
  • THE2121 The Doctrine of the Church
  • THE2124 The Doctrine of God
  • BGK2121 Biblical Greek 2A [Prerequisite BGK1122]
  • BGK2122 Biblical Greek 2B [Prerequisite BGK2121]

These courses are compulsory:

  • BIB3128 Genesis
  • BIB3129 Romans
  • THE3123 Apologetics
  • THE3124 Christian Ethics
  • THE3125 Church History

Select any five from these:

  • BIB3121 The Wisdom Books
  • BIB3122 The General Letters
  • BIB3127 Prophetic Books
  • MIS3121 World Religions
  • MIS3124 Church Growth
  • MIS3125 Islam
  • PRA3121 Conflict and Reconciliation [Textbook Required]
  • PRA3122 Church Management
  • PRA3124 Christian Counselling 2 (Prerequisite PRA2121)
  • PRA3125 Church Leadership
  • THE3121 The Doctrine of the Kingdom
  • THE3122 The Doctrine of Revelation
  • THE3126 African Theology

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Minimum study requirements: You are required to complete 48 credits of study every 12 months (commencing with date of enrolment).

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Please take extra care when completing the online application form not to use apostrophes, commas, inverted commas, brackets or slashes.

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