Theological Research

Welcome to Theological Research, a project of the South African Theological Seminary.

The purpose of this site is to render a free service to the global Christian community by providing a repository for theological research that is both Biblically sound and practically relevant. The links on the Christian Lounge resource Page have been carefully selected by our academic staff for suitability. This is your starting point for assistance with your assignments, dissertations or theses, or simply for increasing your knowledge of God and the Bible.

All the research published here conforms to the three foundational principles of SATS - Bible-based, Christ-centred, Spirit-led. This site provides free access to two repositories of theological research; the Conspectus Journal and our Research documents page.


Refereed theological e-journal published biannually by SATS.


Repository for the publication of theological research reports, theses and dissertations that are in line
with our ethos and values. Our student's dissertations and theses will be found here here.

An index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion and lists of topics such as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology and philosophy.

Christian Lounge Research Resource

Christian Lounge is your starting point for finding anything and everything to do with your Christian Studies. Whether you are searching for serious academic articles or websites for assistance with your assignments, dissertations or theses, or simply desiring to increase your knowledge of God and the Bible, this is the place to start! We have everything you need from Bible software to articles and websites that explore every aspect of Christianity.

Free Book Download

Dr Franklin Jabini has kindly made his book "Introduction to Biblical languages: How use Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Resources" available to download free in pdf format. This book is an unusual introduction to biblical languages. Instead of following the traditional way of introducing the languages with lots of memorisation, two software programs are used which analyse the text of the Bible. You do not have to memorise paradigm after paradigm any longer to be able to analyse God’s word in its original languages…Click here to download the book.